Firefly Portable Vaporizer Review

Oct 24

Hi Guys this is Zach from The eCiggy and I’m excited to talk to you about one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market right now, the Firefly.

A Closer Look at the Firefly Vaporizer

It comes in a very nice display case, very classy.  Below the unit you have the instruction manual as well a chart with some key tips.  It comes with an AC 9 volt charger, batteriy , traveling case and a cleaning kit with two 70% isopropyl cleaning wipes, a brush and a couple pick to clean out any left over material.

How to use the Firefly

firefly portable vaporizerFirst you want to insert the battery on the backside of the unit and plug the unit in.  A great thing about charging the unit is that it only takes forty five minutes to charge.  After you’re full charged you will want to load the unit.   Pull off the top cover by putting your finger in the groove on the side of the unit.  You’ll notice the magnetic connection as you pull the top piece off.  Once the cover is off you’ll notice the bowl piece.  This unit uses convection heat to fire your material.  The other side has your chanel for airway which flow to the mouth piece.   Replace the lid after you’ve packed the unit.  Turn the standby button on and then when you’re ready hit the fire button.  A cool feature about the Firefly is that while in standby mode the unit will only heat when you press the button on the side of the unit.

Pros of the Firefly

  • User friendly and simple to operate
  • The look and the appeal
  • The bowl size
  • The cleaning and maintenance is simple
  • The taste and flavor profile

Cons of the Firefly

  • Battery life is too short
  • Weight
  • The “dialing in” aspect

Firefly Conclusion

The Firefly is a personal favorite of mine and is definelty a competitor on the portable vaporizer market.  I would suggest the vaporizer to anyone, at least give it a try.

Once again this is Zach with The eCiggy.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below the video on my YouTube channel and I’ll make sure to get right back to you.

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Firefly Vaporizer Video Review