Tobh Atty RDA Review

Oct 10

This is Zach from The eCiggy and today I’m bringing you the Tobh Atty RDA.   Let’s take a closer a look.  I’m using a smoke magneto to demonstrate.

Tobh Atty Breakdown

Inside we have three towers which is cool because you can do a one to four coil build if you can handle four.  Another great thing about the RDA is the airflow.  You have three holes on each side of the top and you spin it and you come across a solid bar on the inside and that is what blocks whatever number air holes you would like to block.   The Tobh Atty also has cooling rings or heat sinks on the top which helps to keep the mouth piece and your cape a lot cooler when running at lower ohm builds.

toby atty rda review

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I absolutely love the RDA.  It’s great for beginners and it’s great for connoisserus.  It’s a solid RDA.

Now for a quick little demonstration.  In my current build with the Atty I’m using a nemesis clone and vaping on Holy Graile Elixir Cream Supreme e Liquid which is one of my favorite juices right now.  It’s a real heavy hitter.  I’m also vaping on a single coil build using 24 Gauage Kanthal wrapped on a 1/8th drill bit 8 times.  It’s pretty good.  I used more wick in this build but that is what I like about this RDA, you can pretty much customize your build to your liking.

Once again this is Zach with The eCiggy.  If you have any comments or questions please make sure to leave a comment on my YouTube video and I’ll get right back to you.

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