The eCiggy Making top-quality Electronic Cigarettes Easily Accessible

Apr 15

As electronic cigarettes have become more mainstream, an increasing number of people all over the world are giving up the harmful habit of traditional cigarette smoking. The electronic cigarette industry has witnessed an exponential growth in the past 2 years. Be it US or Europe, the sales of electronic cigarettes have soared in all parts of the world. Many reliable electronic cigarette manufacturers and retailers have emerged that have made electronic cigarette products and related accessories easily accessible to people. A majority of these retailers offer top-quality products online. The eCiggy is one of the leading online stores of electronic cigarettes in the US. Offering an extensive range of products and services, the store aims to make the best products easily accessible to the customers. In fact, the extensive variety of products and services offered is one of the major factors that have contributed to the success of the store. The products offered by the company are available in different flavors. From traditional tobacco flavors to fruity flavors, the customers can easily choose the best products as per their preferences. Moreover, the products offered by the company are available in different nicotine levels. While light smokers can opt for electronic cigarettes with low nicotine levels, heavy smokers have the choice to select from high nicotine levels. Be it electronic cigarette starter kits, refill cartridges, disposables or accessories, the store makes available all types products to the customers. Some of the popular products offered by the store includes The Safe Cig Micro kit pro, The Safe Cig Micro kit Ultra, The Safe Cig Micro kit Deluxe, Gold variety original refill pack, silver variety original refill pack, Blood Aurora slim pack, Luci Carrying case, Luci Atomizer, Luci Rechargeable battery and Luci wall charger. All the products offered by the company offer the best performance to the customers. From dense vapor quality to excellent battery performance, electronic cigarettes offered by the company compete with the very best available in the industry. When it comes to the pricing, the eCiggy store ensures that customers don’t face any inconvenience. All the products available at the store can be easily purchased at low prices. The customers can also avail exciting discounts to make their purchases...

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South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Apr 06

The advanced proprietary technology used in the manufacturing of South Beach e-cigarettes provides the complete smoking experience to cigarette smokers without all the chemicals in traditional nicotine cigarettes.  Despite the increasing competition, the company has successfully held its ground. South Beach continues to be one of the most popular brands in the electronic cigarettes industry. Much of the credit for the success of the company goes to its top-quality products, innovative marketing strategies and affordable pricing. With its exciting deals, the company makes it very convenient for customers to purchase their favorite electronic cigarettes without burning a hole in their pocket. South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Components Working with a commitment to provide the best smoking experience to its customers, South Beach has made significant improvements in its battery performance. The modifications done to the battery ensures that it lasts a long time. The powerful battery also improves the performance of the cartomizers. South Beach smoke cartomizers provide a very satisfying smoking experience and the vapor production is excellent. The wide variety of flavors offered by the company ensures that all requirements of the customers are met conveniently. You can easily choose from menthol, vanilla and other exciting flavors. The South Beach Deluxe Starter Kit offered by the company is one of the best options available to the customers. The deluxe kit comes with a two-piece e-design and the kit includes: Standard SuperMax Battery Extra-capacity SuperMax Battery 5 Large Cartridges/Atomizers Wall Charger Owner’s Manual Membership Card. If you prefer a three-piece design, you can opt for premium kit offered by the company. The membership program offered by the company is one of the most significant factors that set South Beach apart from its competitors. The customers can avail exciting discounts on cartridge refills.  Additionally, the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty and numerous special offers on products. The company has also made significant improvements in the presentation and packaging products. For more information on South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes call The eCiggy at 818-639-2449 Additional Resources for South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews Wikipedia Discovery Fit &...

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Damaging Long Term Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Apr 02

According to the American Heart Association, cigarette smoking causes more than 444,000 deaths in the US every year. In other words, around 18% of the country’s annual deaths are caused by smoking. These numbers are staggering and tragic at the same time. Considering the fact that smoking deaths are entirely preventable, it’s quite sad that so many people continue to die because of the diseases caused by smoking. People who smoke traditional, tobacco-based cigarettes expose themselves to a wide range of illnesses and diseases. Many of these illnesses are fatal and become the cause of death for a large number of people. Let’s take a look at what years of continuous smoking can do to your health- Lung Cancer A majority of people detected with lung cancer are smokers. In addition to tobacco, traditional cigarettes contain around 60 other chemicals that are known to cause cancer. According to one of the estimates, around 85% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Cardiovascular Illnesses Smokers are at a greater risk of heart attacks. Many of the harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes enter the blood stream and may become a cause of heart attack. Smoking may also cause high blood pressure and obesity. Respiratory Illnesses Regular smoking can make it difficult for people to breather normally. It may also become a cause of many respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. The worst part is, people who inhale cigarette smoke have as much chance of developing respiratory illnesses as active smokers. Aging Smoking can speed up the aging process. It not just damages your internal organs but also affect your external physical appearance. It also causes premature wrinkles and other skin diseases. The eCiggy store is one of the best places to buy top-quality electronic cigarettes at low prices. As one of the leading electronic cigarette companies, the eCiggy promises to meet all requirements of the customers in a convenient way. More information is available at              ...

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Mar 29

With more and more people realizing the health hazards of smoking traditional cigarettes, the sales of electronic cigarettes have soared. An increasing number of people all over the world have shifted to e cigarettes. Whether you’re a regular smoker or somebody who smokes occasionally, e cigarettes are the right choice for you. As the demand for electronic cigarettes continue to increase, a wide range of options have been made available to the customers. In the recent years, many new brands have entered the industry making it convenient for customers to buy the best quality e cigs available. When it comes to buying electronic cigarettes, there are many choices available. Here are 5 points to consider when buying electronic cigarettes- Electronic Cigarette Brand With an increase in demand, many brands have flooded the market. However, not all of them live up to their promise of providing the best products. It is advisable to opt for an established and well-known electronic cigarette brand. You can go through some of the reviews available online before choosing a particular brand but it’s imperative to do your research.  With many electronic cigarette forms on the web you can easily get solid recommendations. Electronic Cigarette Flavors Availability of different flavors is one of the most significant factors that have contributed to the success of electronic cigarettes. Whether we talk of traditional tobacco flavor of unique fruit flavors, there are numerous options available to the customers. Not every electronic cigarette manufacture makes the same flavors so make sure you try different ones and choose a company has flavors that match your tastes and preferences. Electronic Cigarette Vapor Quality The quality of vapor created by an electronic cigarette is an important factor that must be taken into account when it comes to buying electronic cigarettes. When it comes to providing an authentic cigarette smoking experience, the vapor quality and throat hit plays a very important role.  Each brand of electronic cigarettes differs in the vapor quality and this is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to finding an e cigarette that is going to satisfy. Electronic Cigarette Nicotine level Electronic cigarettes are available in different nicotine levels. Choosing the right nicotine level will...

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Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarettes Review

Mar 22

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are unique in the sense that they have been designed for women. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Vapor Couture are the most stylish and classy electronic cigarettes available on the market. They are not just slim but also come in attractive colors. The perfect finishing makes these electronic cigarettes look very appealing. Furthermore, they come in attractive packaging and the overall presentation is excellent. Indeed, in terms of looks and appearance, Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes rank higher than most other brands on the market. The crystal glowing LED tip makes Vapor Couture cigs all the more attractive to the user.  However, believing that Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are all show and no substance would be a gross mistake. Using the impressive technology of V2 cigs, Vapor Couture cigarettes promise to provide a complete smoking experience to the users. The slim 7.9 mm battery perfectly fits into the style of style and design of the e cigarette. Performance wise too, the battery is quite impressive. The battery is long-lasting and makes the overall e cigarette smoking experience all the more pleasurable. Customers can also choose the nicotine levels depending upon their preferences. Exciting electronic cigarette flavors from Vapor Couture Fresh Mint Arctic Mint Rodeo Drive Strawberry Champagne Bombshell Passion Fruit Each of the flavors has its own unique taste. The life time warranty offered by the company on all its products makes them all the more attractive to the customers. As Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are totally maintenance free, they are very convenient to use. Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are available in three different starter kits. Vapor Couture Starter Kits VC essentials kit VS deluxe kit VC deluxe sampler kit If you’re a woman and wish to quit the harmful habit of tradition cigarette smoking, buying a vapor couture starter kit is certainly one of the best options.   For more information on Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Reviews or the best electronic cigarettes call The eCiggy at...

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Green Smoke Reviews

Mar 21

Green Smoke is credited with introducing two piece designs that has completely transformed the face of the electronic cigarette industry. With Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, also known as vapor cigs, smokers can enjoy a huge amount of vapor from a small cartridge. Minimum maintenance and affordable pricing are two of the other major factors that have greatly contributed to the popularity of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in the market. When it comes to two piece e-cigarettes, Green Smoke is a market leader . Unlike other companies that offered three pieces, Green Smoke introduced two-piece cigarettes that gained instant popularity in the market. The brand has not looked back ever since. The two-piece model requires almost zero maintenance and is very convenient-to-use. Green Smoke offers many choices to the customers. Offering seven exclusive flavors to the customers, Green Smoke promises to meet the requirements of all types of customers conveniently. Green Smoke Reviews Popular Flavors Absolute Tobacco flavor Red Label Tobacco flavor Tobacco Gold flavor Menthol Ice Vanilla Dreams   Green Smoke Reviews Nicotine Options As far as the nicotine concentration is concerned, Green Smoke offers five different options to the users. ‘Strong’ has a 2.4% level of nicotine ‘full’ has a 1.8% level of nicotine ‘light’ has 1.2% level of nicotine ‘ultra-light’ has .6% level of nicotine ‘zero’ has 0%  no nicotine Customers can easily choose the required electronic cigarettes as per their own preferences. With a wide choice of options, Green Smoke makes it easier for you to buy your favorite electronic cigarette conveniently. In addition to electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke offers an extensive range of accessories that will greatly enhance your electronic cigarette smoking experience. With modest pricing, Green Smoke makes it easier for the customers to purchase their favorite electronic cigarettes without having to shell out too much money. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can be easily recommended to those who are trying to shift from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Different nicotine levels and high-quality flavor makes Green Smoke one of the best electronic cigarettes brands in the industry. For more information on Green Smoke electronic cigarettes call The eCiggy at 818-639-2449 or visit us...

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4 Things to Consider When Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Mar 19

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way in only 2 years.  More and more people are turning to e cigarettes because they realize not only the benefits, but the health advantages as well.  With so many companies jumping into the world of e cigs choices become a bit more difficult.  Quality is of utmost importance and with everyone claiming to offer the best, how does one choose? If this is the first time you’ll be purchasing an electronic cigarettes and you need a little guidance then here are 4 things to consider when buying electronic cigarettes:   Electronic Cigarette Batteries The battery of the electronic cigarette you purchase needs to be powerful and it needs to last. An underpowered battery will create a lot of hassles. Most of the e cig batteries last between 250-300 puffs. It is important to keep a spare battery with you in case the present one runs out. This will prevent you from giving in to the temptation of smoking a traditional cigarette. Most of the electronic cigarette starter kits come with more than on battery so you are in luck.  Just make sure to keep that other battery charged and ready to go.  There are many portable carrying cases that will charge your electronic cigarette batteries ensuring you always have a charged one on hand. Electronic Cigarette Flavors Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors. Choosing the right flavor will greatly enhance your cigarette smoking experience. With so many flavors available on the market, you can easily purchase the one that matches your tastes and preferences. You may consider trying a number of flavors to find which flavor you like the most.  It’s always best to start off with a familiar flavor to get used to smoking the e cig.  Once comfortable, purchase a pack of a variety flavor you think you would be interested in and give it a try. Electronic Cigarette Vapor Vapor is key.  It is important to make sure that your electronic cigarette produces good vapor. This will go a long way when it comes to making sure that you get a real cigarette smoking experience. An e cig that produces a good vapor may be lacking in...

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Blu Cigs Review

Mar 13

Rated as one of the best e cig providers in the business, Blu Cigs has carved a niche for itself in electronic cigarette industry. With its top-quality products, Blu Cigs offers one of the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. The products offered by the company have gained tremendous popularity amongst those who wish to give up the harmful habit of traditional smoking and switch to a healthier alternative of electronic cigarettes. Offering the best products to their clients, the company has raised the bar in the electronic cigarette industry. With its neatly packed electronic cigarette packs, Blue Cigs make it easier for people to enjoy top-quality electronic cigarettes. In fact, with its proprietary Blu Pack, Blu Cigs has completely revolutionized the electronic cigarettes industry. It looks and feels like the real cigarette pack. The same is true for the design of Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes. Blu Cigs look original and authentic and with its elegant and posh looks, Blu Cigs are a pleasure to hold in your hand. Blu Pack has the ability to hold 5 flavor cartridges. Blu Cigs Battery It has to be said that Blu Cigs battery is one of the best available in the market. With its excellent performance, Blu Cigs battery ensures that you don’t face any hassles. Blu Cigs Flavors The company aims to make the electronic cigarette smoking experience of its customers all the more pleasurable with its extensive range of flavors. Whether you like the traditional cigarette flavors or fruity flavors, the company has something to meet your tastes. Vivid Vanilla Menthol classic tobacco Cherry Crush Java Jolt Pina Colada Electronic cigarettes offered by Blu Cigs are available in different nicotine levels. The customers can easily choose the ones that suit their requirements. Blu Cigs Vapor Production Blu Cigs score high on vapor production as well. The quality and taste of vapor produced is comparable to real cigarettes. Blu Cigs has one of the best “throat hits”. The heavy vapor of the electronic cigarette promises you the best e cigarette smoking experience. With its wide range of high-quality accessories, Blu Cigs ensures all electronic cigarette requirements of customers are met on one platform. The company offers the best accessories with its...

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V2 Cigs E Cigarette Review

Mar 06

   V2 Cigs is one of the leading names in the electronic cigarette industry. With their constant innovation and affordable pricing, the company has managed to outperform most of its competitors. Offering high-quality electronic cigarettes and a wide variety of flavors, V2 Cigs ranks amongst one of the top electronic cigarettes shops in the world. Click For V2 Cigs Products V2 Cigs Quality Electronic cigarettes offered by V2 Cigs stand out for their quality. V2 Cigs make use of a high quality liquid in the atomizer and also have a lesser amount of nicotine. This makes them a healthier alternative to other types of cigarettes. While the company offers an extensive range of flavors, there is certainly more scope for including more flavors. Some of the popular electronic cigarette flavors offered by the company include Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla. You can easily choose the flavor of your choice. By allowing you to design your own customer cartridges and flavors, the company promises to meet the requirements of those who have specific tastes and preferences. You can taste all V2 Cigs flavors and determine the one you wish to purchase.   V2 Cigs Flavors Red Sahara Congress Menthol Peppermint Mint Tea Cherry Chocolate Coffee Vanilla The V2 Red Refill Cartridges are a classic American tobacco blend. With the hearty Virginia tobacco flavor and a hint of sweetness; this bold flavor is a top seller. The V2 Red cartridges are available in 4 strengths: Full (18), Med (12), Light (6), and Zero (0) and come in a patriotic shade of red. If you love Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Basic, Lucky Strike, Doral, and Chesterfield, V2 Red is for you. The V2 Sahara flavor is a rich middle-eastern tobacco blend. When you take a puff of Sahara you will experience the rich tobacco overtones, sure to please everyone. V2 Cigs Sahara cartridges are available in 4 strengths: Full (18), Med (12), Light (6), and Zero (0), wrapped in a pleasing shade of desert tan. Do you long the rich taste of Camel, Kent, American Spirit, Merit, and European cigarette varieties? If so, Sahara is the vapor flavor for you. The V2 Congress Flavor Cartridges have...

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Some Alarming Facts for Women Smokers

Mar 04

We all know that smoking is an addictive habit and its adverse effects have been highlighted in multiple studies.  Moreover, new studies conducted time and time again bring out some even more astonishing facts about the habit which is common among men and women across the world. Although cigarette smoking poses health hazards for everybody who lights up, recent research has revealed facts that may be alarming for women smokers. As per the trends reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, death rates in women smokers have caught up with their male counterparts. The study also reveals that women who smoke nowadays are far more likely to die due to this habit than they were in the 1960s. This may be attributed to the changing lifestyles as well as the changing environment around us which has impacted the women of today. The risks of lung cancer has also increased considerably among women are daily smokers. Data has been collected from more than two million women in the US. Since, women’s autonomy is quite different from men lady smokers have always been at higher health risks than men. The first generation of women smokers emerged during the 1950s and 1960s and even in those early years women who smoked were nearly three times more likely to die from lung cancer as people who had never smoked. Coming to the present era, records from reliable medical institutions collected during 2000-2010 show that women were 25 times more likely to die from lung cancer than their non-smoking friends. In the words of renowned researcher Dr. Michael Thun the increase in risk among female smokers has continued over the decades despite the fact that women predominantly smoke brands that are marketed as low in tar and nicotine. These facts surely do act as alarming warning signals for women to get rid of the habit as soon as possible. Although smoking for even a few years does considerable damage to your body giving up early can surely reduce the risks by considerable amounts. In fact those who quit smoking before the age of 40 years do live longer than those who do not. For information on women smokers and ways to quit smoking...

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The Top Brand Electronic Cigarettes Sold at The eCiggy

Feb 22

As one of the leading online suppliers of electronic cigarettes The eCiggy has time and again impressed with its qualitative range of products. Presenting the best electronic cigarettes from well-trusted manufacturers the company has provided a healthy alternative to the nicotine based cigarettes. Considered to be the leading source when buying electronic cigarettes online, offers electronic cigarettes with patented designs that produce the highest smoke volume. The website has introduced its new and impressive range of electronic cigarette starter kits containing everything from long lasting batteries, easy to use chargers and great tasting refill cartridges. Buyers have the option of choosing the kits from a variety of top-notch cigarette manufacturers and also from nine premium made rich flavors. brings forth electronic cigarettes in the following flavors: menthol peppermint chocolate coffee cherry mint tea The electronic cigarette kit enables the user to charge his/her electronic cigarette at any place, any time. With no odors, burns and ash, electronic cigarettes can be smoked almost anywhere. All the electronic cigarettes cigarettes supplied by The eCiggy are packed to perfection in order to maintain freshness. The classic and specialty flavor cartridges come with an expiration date so that the buyer can always be assured they are receiving fresh cartridges. Many people today are switching to electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative or even a cessation device as these have the same physical feeling, look and oftentimes the taste & nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke, but without its smell and health risks. The e-cig contains a very negligible amount of nicotine or no nicotine at all so those who wish to quit smoking can do so gradually with the help of electronic cigarettes. Another reason which has motivated many people to opt for electronic cigarettes is the cost benefit as each cartridge is roughly equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes. At The eCiggy buyers can calculate how much they can actually save depending on their consumption per pack per day using the calculating tool at the website. Being very simple and easy to use electronic cigarettes provide a hassle free way to get rid of traditional cigarettes. The eCiggy provides the most effective source to buy electronic cigarettes online with...

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Electronic Cigarettes (Infographic)

Feb 16

Wow…  Electronic Cigarettes.  We at have a passion for electronic cigarettes. We share with you a few facts of the most marvelous device in the world!   Love Electronic Cigarettes? Copy and Embed This Code to Share With Your Readers Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of:, Avid believer of Electronic...

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