Why Cigarette Smoking is Not Banned?

Dec 19

Ban on Cigarettes

Ban on Cigarettes

Traditional smoking is harmful for human health. It causes cancer and heart diseases and is the leading cause of deaths all over the world. Some recent studies have highlighted the fact that quitting smoking can greatly reduce the risk of developing tobacco related diseases. However, nobody can deny the damaging effects of smoking on the overall health of a person. While governments in all countries are making sincere efforts to reduce smoking among people, the number of smokers all over the world is on the rise.

Health campaigners all over the world have been lobbying for a blanket ban on tobacco use. They have found support from many sections of society. However, barring a few exceptions, cigarette smoking and tobacco use is legal in most of the countries. Even though people are not allowed to smoke in public, imposing a complete ban on cigarettes is considered an extreme step in most of the countries. So, why is it that our governments refuse to impose a total ban on cigarettes even when we know that it is one of the leading causes of many serious diseases? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that hold our governments back when it comes to imposing a ban on cigarettes-

1)      Major source of tax revenue

It’s a major source of tax revenue for the government. Cigarette and tobacco companies pay high taxes. From the health point of view, it makes sense to ban tobacco and cigarettes. But economically speaking, banning cigarettes will not be the ideal thing to do as it will reduce the income of the government. And in these times of economic downturn, governments can’t afford to take such a step.

2)      The ban is not feasible

Some people argue that such a step will prove to be counterproductive. Many of the harmful drugs are banned but people continue to buy them illegally. Many health officials are of the opinion that a complete ban on tobacco and cigarettes isn’t feasible and people will continue to source them from illegal market. This in turn will make it difficult for the government to regulate the industry and will also result in loss of revenue.

3)      Not fair to stop people from smoking

According to one school of thought, people have the right to live their life the way they want. They argue that forcibly stopping someone from smoking amounts to infringement of basic rights. While people should be made aware of harmful effects of smoking, they can’t be forced to stop smoking. People should be free to smoke in private as long as they aren’t compromising the health of others.

While these factors may prevent governments from banning tobacco use and cigarette smoking, it’s important to generate awareness about the harmful effects of smoking. Furthermore, people should look for healthier alternatives such as electronic cigarettes. More information is available at http://www.theeciggy.com