The Legal Status of Electronic Cigarettes

Jun 17

Legal Status of Electronic CigarettesHave you ever wondered whether electronic cigarettes are legal or not? Electronic cigarettes have been available in the US since 2006, so seeing all the legal questions surrounding the product this does not come as a big surprise.  The usage of a product like this is bound to raise the eyebrows among certain sections of society so it is logical to take a look at its legality aspect. When it comes to its legal status, the electronic cigarette is categorized as neither a cigarette nor a product used to assist in the recovery from traditional cigarette addiction.

Over a million Americans claim to have used the product to recover from a nicotine addiction that they possessed.

Presently, the FDA stressed that the product is a drug device in legal terms. So the FDA is not exactly going to regulate this product in the same way as it regulates products that are used directly to kill the habit of smoking. The FDA has been looking at a number of the most popular products in this industry and testing them to check if they consist of harmful substances.

E-cigarette firms have been taken to court over many issues and the federal appeals courts in the US have ruled in favor of the e-cig companies.   A myriad of state governments have also been trying to get e-cigarettes banned in their states. All in all, electronic cigarettes are legal, but it comes under immense scrutiny from state governments as well as the federal government. People under the age of 18 are not going to get access to this specific product.

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