Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

May 10

Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker you must be well aware how hard letting the habit go is.  Knowing the adverse health effects, people still find it very difficult to stop smoking especially if they have been smoking for several years. However, you cannot go on compromising your health as well as of the others around you. In such a situation the best thing for you to do is to switch to a healthier smoking alternative which is available in the form of electronic cigarettes. A few decades back no one could have thought that cigarettes could go electronic but the invention is actually true and fast gaining popularity around the globe. Designed to imitate the look and effect of traditional tobacco based cigarettes, an e-cig can satisfy all your urges minus the adverse health effects.

Electronic Cigarettes are:

  • smoke free
  • tar free
  • odor free

Therefore e-cigs are not only a big convenience for the smoker but for everybody sitting near him/her.

Electronic Cigarettes Consist Of:

  • nicotine cartridge
  • battery unit
  • LED indicator

The 2 or 3-piece design comprises of an atomizer, flavor cartridge and battery.

The atomizer burns the liquid flavor using a heating coil which is then converted into vapor or mist and can be enjoyed by the smoker.

A Few Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes:

  • These cigarettes have become quite popular because you have full control when to burn the liquid flavor as against the traditional cigarettes that continuously burn.
  • Another benefit of switching to electronic cigarettes is regarding the nicotine content of the liquid flavor which ranges from 0mg to 24mg. You can totally control how much you take in at any given time as each company offers different flavors and nicotine levels.

Some individuals even try giving up smoking by starting with the standard content then gradually tapering off the amount until they reach zero nicotine, thereby no longer needing the traditional cigarette. In addition, Along with satisfying the craving of a person by simulating an effect similar to the tobacco based cigarettes, e-cigs also help save you money at the same time. It appears that you are spending just a few dollars while buying a pack of traditional cigarettes but if you add the amount for a few years it can turn out to be quite large. On the other hand, with electronic cigarettes you spend a bit more money in the beginning and reap the benefits for a year.

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