Keep Your Electronic Cigarettes Clean

Jul 09

Cleaning Electronic CigarettesHave you every shared your electronic cigarette with someone? Keep your e-cigs clean and avoid any sort of contamination.

Based on the brand of electronic cigarettes you own, there are a number of ways to protect the mouthpiece from being contaminated by another person. Each electronic cigarette normally has its own type of mouthpiece protector. The mouthpiece protectors are either available as disposable pieces or as sturdy washable piece. In case you plan to buy the latter, it is important that you keep the covers clean for the other user.

As electronic cigarettes count on the generation of vapor, in essence cooler steam or e-liquid, the inside of the electronic cigarette is open for the growth of microorganisms if not properly maintained. Even the atomizer can also get contaminated. If you wish to avoid such instances from occurring, it is advisable that you follow a frequent maintenance schedule for the e-cigarette. It is integral to develop a habitual practice of cleaning your e-cigarette no matter how often you use it. Make it a point to tear your e-cigarette apart and clean all parts thoroughly.

Another way of maintaining the cleanliness of your e-cig is by using rubbing alcohol. It assists in sterilizing the multiple pieces of the device, mainly if others have been smoking your cigarette. Don’t soak all the pieces in rubbing alcohol. Instead, wipe the contact area where the battery is placed and where you attach it for a charge using a cotton swab. You can use the swab and alcohol to clean the atomizer as well as all the threads. Make sure to clean the cartridges prior to using them. Once you have cleansed the e-cigarette, make it a point to let it dry completely and then reassemble it before use.

Make sure to check with the manufacturer before using any sort of cleaning product on your e-cig…!

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