How the Electronic Cigarette Actually Works

Nov 20

The latest revolution in the cigarette market electronic cigarettes or the e-cigs have emerged as popular substitutes of the traditional sticks. Offering myriads of benefits to the conventional smoker, the demand for e-cigs is rapidly rising in the market. These cigarettes have been under the scanner of health experts on & off with some critical feedbacks as well but several researches have actually shown that e-cigarettes can help a person get rid of this habit.How Electronic Cigarettes Work

  • The e-cig

An electronic cigarette is a battery powered atomizer that looks and functions in a way similar to the traditional cigarettes. The 2 or 3 piece design of the cigarette comprises an atomizer, flavor cartridge and the battery. The liquid flavor of the e-cig that may or may not contain nicotine is burned and converted into gas so as to produce a sensation similar to smoking the conventional stick. Once the entire liquid under the cartridge evaporates, it can be refilled with the flavor of your wish.

  • Save money

Electronic cigarettes also provide an effective way of saving money. First of all one pack of e cigarettes equals 24 packets of cigarettes. Moreover, there is economizing during the consumption also as you can save fluid by pressing the button only when you need to inhale whereas a traditional cigarette involves continuous burning. With rechargeable batteries you can charge the cigarettes again & again without having to buy a new pack each time.

  • No tar, no toxins

Electronic cigarettes are virtually free from all kinds of toxic substances & cancer causing carcinogens. No smoke or ash is produced while smoking e cigs and tar is also totally absent. Most of the e cigarettes contain moderated amounts of nicotine that can help the smokers in cutting on the nicotine intake while in some nicotine can be altogether absent.

  • Break free from smoking

E-cigs have also proved to be quite successful in getting people rid of the habit of smoking as they can start with lowering the nicotine levels at first and then totally eliminating cigarettes from their life. The e cigarette cartridges are available with different strengths of nicotine in a single pack. So, initially a person can start with the higher percentages and gradually move to the lower ones.  Check out the different flavor Safe Cig Cartridges available at The eCiggy

Therefore, the advantages of switching to electronic cigarettes are a plenty. Now if you are wondering where to buy electronic cigarettes then the best source is an online store. Although e-cigs have reached majority of markets, finding superior quality renowned brands is best done online as the entire kit from the best companies are available within one easy source. One of the most dependable places to buy electronic cigarettes online is The eCiggy, the website that brings forth an entire range at highly affordable prices.  For more information on how electronic cigarettes work click here.