Get Inspired by Your Favorite Celebrity to Quit Smoking

Jan 30

Celebritites Electronic CigarettesHollywood has always been closely associated to smoking. With some of the actors lighting up the cigarettes onscreen and the others confessing of them being a part of their private lives, the showbiz industry seemed to be smitten with cigarette smoking a few years back. This was mainly because cigarette smoking was considered cool and glamorous. However, with the increasing consciousness about the ill-effects of this habit not only has the industry become more responsible while portraying smoking in the mainstream cinema but celebrities are giving it up on a personal level too. All the movies today issue proper health warnings whenever the stick is being used in the shots. Also, with several known faces giving up smoking in their personal lives many people are getting inspired to becoming non-smokers.

Lets talk bout a few celebrities who have managed to kick the habit and become inspirations for their fans.   The names include actresses like Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston, Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron, Whoppie Goldberg, Kelly Ripa, Elizabeth Hurley, Courtney Cox (the Friends star) and Ahsley greene (of Twilight fame). Among the list of men there are names like Academy Award-winner Matt Damon & Ben Affleck, Jack Black (the Tropic Thunder star) and Jon Mamm (of Mad Man) fame. All these celebrities opted for different ways to achieve the same goal. While Ben Affleck and Matt Damon resorted to hypnosis for assistance, celebrities like Jack Black used green tea to kill the urge for smoking. Among the actresses Jennifer Aniston opted for yoga in order to clean her body of all the caffeine while Katherine Heigl took to electronic cigarettes to stop herself from smoking.

E-cigarettes have undoubtedly presented themselves as an effective alternative for those who wish to give up the unhealthy habit of smoking. Since they provide the same sensation as that of a real cigarette without any addictive material those who are addicted to the stick find it easy to give up slowly. There are several people who emulate their favorite Hollywood icons in many ways. Therefore, by opting for healthier alternatives like electronic cigarettes these renowned names are setting the right example for millions of their fans.

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