Enforcements of Strict Anti-Cigarette Smoking Laws to Discourage People From Smoking

Jan 02

Quit Smoking LawsConsidering the damaging health effects of traditional cigarette smoking, the strict enforcement of strict anti-tobacco laws by governments all over the world comes as no surprise. In numerous countries, people are prohibited from smoking cigarettes in public places. Many countries have strict laws banning cigarette advertisements. Cigarette companies are not allowed to promote or advertise their products in any form. While these efforts are laudable, but the sad truth is, cigarette smoking rate continues to rise all over the world. Even though people are well aware of the negative health effects of cigarette smoking, the addiction to cigarettes is hard to overcome.

Many countries around the world have gone out of their way to discourage people from smoking. The strict enforcement of plain packaging in Australia is a case in point. Australia has some of the harshest anti cigarette smoking laws in place. Under the new rule, all cigarette manufacturing companies have been prohibited from displaying company logos and colors on cigarette packets. Instead, dull and dreary colors along with anti-cigarette messages are displayed on cigarette packs. They also contain graphic images portraying harmful health consequences of cigarette smoking. The new law is expected to take away the ‘glamor’ part associated with cigarette smoking. It’s expected that other countries including the UK will follow suit and introduce plain packaging.

From banning television commercials to prohibiting sports sponsorship, many innovative anti-cigarette smoking campaigns have been launched all over the world. But still, a lot needs to be done on this front. However, as the habit of smoking is highly addictive, these campaigns have been met with limited success. One of the solutions has been provided by electronic cigarette companies. In the recent years, electronic cigarettes have gained tremendous popularity all over the world. As they do not contain any tobacco, e cigarettes have emerged as a safe alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

The popularity of electronic cigarette companies can be gauged from the fact that many top celebrities including Lindsay Lohan and Leonardo Di Caprio have been spotted smoking e cigs. Electronic cigarettes are designed to satisfy the desire for Nicotine in regular cigarette smokers.  For more information on quitting smoking click here