Electronic Cigarettes The Second Disruptive Technology

Jun 28

The electronic cigarette is a breakthrough technology that will have a positive impact on the business milieu throughout the next century. — Citi Group

According to the Citi report, the electronic cigarette is the second disruptive technology that is bound to transform the world. E-cigs are huge in the U.S. and are consistently growing in other international markets. Citi estimates that based on regulation and overall penetration into retail, the sector will rise at nearly 50% compound annual growth (CAG) over the coming few years.

Electronic Cigarette

Citi’s estimation is not the only one that puts positive faith in the e-cig business potential but there are other names that have confidence in electronic cigarettes’ potential to rake in big money. Big tobacco is one such name that has been stressing on electronic cigarettes’ ability to keep annual sales high.  Altria Group Inc., world’s biggest tobacco company as well as the parent firm of Philip Morris USA has also entered the e-cigs arena. Altria’s top boss has stated that adult tobacco consumers have shown a good amount of interest in e-cigs.

Owing to the rising health awareness and introduction of a number of taxes, the price of tobacco cigarettes have started skyrocketing across the US. All of this led to the start of the overall decline of the product. The sale of cigarettes fell 6.2% in the first quarter of 2013. Although electronic cigarettes were introduced to the market a decade ago, their real potential is getting realized only now.

The overall sale of e-cigarettes last year was $500 million and it is expected to reach $1 billion this year.

A latest study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that 21% of regular cigarette smokers had used e-cigs in 2011, a jump of 10% in 2010. The recent report from Citigroup reinstates what electronic cigarettes are capable of. It can be safely said that e-cigs will truly integral in the years to come.

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