Electronic Cigarette Studies

Jun 19

Although the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown immensely and can be found easily in the market, there are still bodies and institutions that talk about its dangers. It is absolutely difficult to determine whether or not e-cigs are dangerous as no official tests have been conducted and published. So, to assume that they are as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes is wrong. In the same respect it becomes difficult to interpret the second hand effects of electronic cigarettes.

There is no harm in questioning the non-harmful nature of e-cigs and that is why a number of studies are being done across the globe to find out more. But, had e-cigarettes been truly, intrinsically unsafe, people would not have been buying them out in the open without any restrictions. Electronic cigarettes are poles apart from cancerous tobacco cigarettes. What we do know is these do not contain tobacco, smoke, and no tar is left behind.

For people who have for long been speaking out against the harmless vapor generated by electronic cigarettes, a research study was recently released that is quite the contrary.  In contrast to smoke from conventional cigarettes, which is produced by burning tobacco as well as other chemicals present in cigarettes, e-cig vapor is way different.

The aforementioned study was conducted at Clarkson University, in Potsdam New York, at the University’s Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science department.

The study tested the compounds of various derivatives that are present in tobacco smoke, and matched the vapor of a number of well-known e-cigarette brands to see whether similar compounds were present in the vapor.

The study stated that the level of toxic chemicals in electronic cigarette vapor when released into the air is extremely low because of which it can be safely said that they pose absolutely no environmental danger for breathing indoors and also, they don’t harm the quality of air. Even though it was not the first study in this area, it certainly looked at the question in a broad manner.

Studies like this are great for the overall electronic cigarette industry. Major companies can use these results to sell their products. The fact of the matter is that e-cigs can be smoked almost anywhere and the many groups advocating a ban on e-cigarettes must introspect and come up with a stronger argument against e-cigs.

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