E-Cigs on the Fast Track

Jul 12

Electronic cigarettes are on a fast track to replace traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes though still not used by people worldwide, have started gaining success in the US and Europe.  However there is a lot of debate going on whether or not e-cigarettes are are a safer option than traditional cigarettes.

In the end it’s best to smoke nothing at all so all electronic cigarette companies need to act responsibly and only target people who are already into traditional smoking and not try and attract new consumers.  One thing to be kept in mind is that this is not a new product but a product which has been made to replace an age old life threatening product. Moreover government has banned the selling of the products to children and a certain age limit is set to avoid the early use of e-cigarettes by children. Self-regulation is important to avoid misuse of the products and their sale. Hence when it comes to social responsibility electronic cigarette companies need to be very alert and ethical.
People have always been aware of the negative effects and life taking impact of cigarettes and have always been looking for solutions to quit.

It is being estimated that last year, around 700,000 people in Britain alone turned to electronic cigarettes and the selling figures of e-cigarettes is expected to rise in 2013