Different Electronic Cigarettes To Choose From

Jun 24

Nowadays, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes stress on variety. In order to meet needs of people, they have launched a whole host of designs. They even play around with colors and other aspects of e-cigs.

There are basically 4 different electronic cigarettes:

  • Pen style
  • Mini style
  • Cigar style
  • Pipe style

Different Electronic Cigarettes

The pen-styled e-cig looks like a pen. This type of electronic cigarette is of the same size as a pen and is normally white in color. Its shape is also like that of a writing pen. It can have different ends such as a round one or somewhat flattened “duck nose” one.  The pen style e-cig looks like your traditional cigarettes is the most popular e-cig on the market.

The Mini electronic cigarette is smaller in size than a pen-style e-cig. It comes in multiple colors and can also have two kinds of different mouthpieces, round and flattened. In addition, there are also super-mini e-cigs. While the small e-cig is definitely an advantage, most producers have given up creating these as their size does not allow for high capacity batteries. It would require a person to recharge them multiple times a day so as to use it continually. Not just this, the vapor coming out of super mini e-cigs does not have ample space to be formed.

Then, there are the electronic cigars. These can be of medium or large length as well as diameter. Manufacturers can also use a paper wrapping on an e-cigar so as to make the person feel like he is smoking a real cigar.

Lastly, is the e-cig pipe. People actually get confused and believe a traditional pipe is being smoked but the various LED lights help reveal it’s an electronic device. The LED lights can be green, blue or orange in color.

Don’t confuse the e-cig with the vaporizer.  There are few different electronic cigarettes but many vaporizers on the market as well.  For more information on on the right e-cig for you call (818) 639-2449.