Common Excuses People Make for Smoking

Dec 17

Smoking ExcusesWe’ve been warned thousands of times that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Most countries around the world are making sincere efforts to encourage people to quit smoking. Thousands of dollars are spent on generating awareness about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on health. However, millions of people all over the world continue to smoke actively. As the habit is highly addictive, people find it hard to give up smoking. People come up with all types of excuses when it comes to smoking. They would go to any length to justify their habit of smoking.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common excuses people come up with when it comes to lighting up a cigarette-

It helps me cope with stress!

It’s widely believed that smoking reduces stress. According to psychologist Andy Parrott (whose findings were published in the journal American psychologist), it’s a myth that smoking relives stress! On the contrary, he says, cigarette smoking actually increases tension and stress. He further says that most smokers experience tension between cigarettes and cigarette smoking merely helps them maintain normal moods. His opinion is echoed by countless doctors and medical professionals all over the world.

Just one more cigarette before I quit!

This is in fact a nice way to fool oneself! Many smokers all over the world persuade themselves to smoke ‘one more time’ before they actually kick the habit. Giving in to the desire to smoke may provide momentary satisfaction but this cycle never ends. Smokers must understand that craving for cigarette never stops. Switching to healthier alternatives such as electronic cigarettes may prove to be an ideal solution.

It helps me socialize!

In many societies, smoking is considered ‘cool’. Movies and the entertainment industry can be partly blamed for fuelling this notion. When people watch their favorite stars smoking on screen, they are motivated to smoke. Moreover in many parties, smoking is considered attractive. People who don’t smoke or drink may be labeled as a bore. However, with more and more people understanding the ill effects of smoking, this mindset is changing fast.

It makes me feel good about myself!

The research has shown that people with self-esteem issues are likely to smoke more. Many people with low confidence take refuge in smoking. Some people smoke to portray themselves as ‘cool’ while others do it fit among their peers. Some people also reason that smoking gives them something to do and they don’t feel out of place in a social setting.

Whatever the excuse, it’s important for people to understand that traditional smoking is harmful and the earlier they quit the habit the better it is for their health. With healthier alternatives such as electronic cigarettes easily available, it has become easier for people to quit smoking. More information is available at