Cigarette Smoking and The Showbiz Industry

Jan 15

electronic cigarettesThere was a time when cigarette smoking was an integral part of the showbiz industry. Lighting up a cigarette or cigar was considered cool and glamorous. Many actors could be seen smoking cigarettes. And it was not just in the movies. Many actors confessed to smoking regularly in their private lives too. It’s not like that the situation has changed completely now. But there is certainly more awareness as far as the harmful effects of traditional cigarette smoking is concerned. Smoking is no longer considered ‘cool’ and ‘attractive’. The filmmakers and celebrities show a more responsible behavior when it comes to cigarette smoking.

While there are many celebrities who continue to smoke in their private lives, there are many others who have successfully kicked the habit. Let’s take a look at some of the popular celebrities who successfully quit the harmful habit of traditional cigarette smoking-

  • Katherine Heigl decided to switch to electronic cigarettes to get rid of her cigarette addiction.  Electronic cigarettes have helped her stay clear of the harmful side effects of tobacco-based cigarette smoking.
  • Charlize Theron, of Monster fame, reportedly took the help of a hypnotist to overcome her cigarette addiction. She admitted it was difficult for her to quit smoking initially but now she has overcome it completely.
  • Jennifer Aniston, another popular Hollywood celebrity, reportedly took the help of yoga to get rid of her cigarette addiction and cleanse her body of all harmful chemicals. She eventually succeeded in kicking up the habit.
  • Ben Affleck also used hypnosis to quit smoking. He gave the habit in 2005 when he discovered that his wife Jennifer Garner was pregnant with their first child.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio belongs to the growing list of Hollywood celebrities who’ve decided to switch to electronic cigarettes to avoid the harmful effects of tobacco. It was claimed in the media reports that it was upon his advice, actor Robert Pattinson quit traditional smoking and took up e cigarettes instead.

There are many people in this world who emulate Hollywood celebrities. By successfully giving up the harmful habit of smoking or switching to healthier alternatives like electronic cigarettes from the eciggy, these celebrities have set a positive examples for their fans. This is evident from the growing demand of electronic cigarettes in the US and other countries.