5 essential things that you must know about electronic cigarettes

Nov 12

Electronic Cigarettes are the latest in the market and they have numerous benefits over their traditional counterparts. Smoking is injurious to health and we all know that but the habit is addictive and you cannot get rid of it easily. No matter how much damage it does to the lungs, respiratory system and other parts of the body, those who are addicted to smoking cannot just quit it. Electronic cigarettes or the e-cigs have emerged as convincing substitutes of traditional cigarettes with no smoke, no ash and no odor. Although these have been portrayed in the mainstream media in a negative way, e-cigarettes do more good to the body then harm. Here is the list of 5 essential things that you must know about the electronic cigarettes:

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1.      The design and working

These cigarettes are made up of a 2 or 3 piece design comprising the atomizer, flavor cartridge and the battery. The cartridge is the place where the flavored nicotine is stored & refilled while the atomizer is the part which burns the liquid flavor using a heating coil thus converting it into smoke.  The battery of an e-cig usually lasts for 2 to 6 hours depending on the brand, type and usage and is rechargeable.

2.      Health Benefits

E cigarettes contains no toxins, no tar and very low or no amount of nicotine. Therefore, these do not cause any of the life threatening diseases like cancer, heart problems etc. which are almost unavoidable in traditional cigarettes after certain years of smoking. E cigarettes are found to be quite useful for women as revealed in many researches.

3.      Cost Benefits

Though the electronic cigarettes may seem to be costly in the beginning, they are more economical in the long run. An e-cigarette kit usually equals to 24 packets of cigarette which makes it quite a cost effective item. Moreover, the harmless nature of these cigarettes makes them quite convenient to use and that too almost anywhere.

4.      Sourcing

It is quite easy to find e cigarettes online today as there are several web portals that deal exclusively in e-cigs, their starter kits and accessories. Although there is no dearth of physical stores as well that sell e-cigarettes but sourcing them from an online vendor is the most convenient option.

5.      The exceptions

Electronic cigarettes are intended for use by those who are of legal smoking age and pregnant women, children, heart patients, diabetics, those suffering from high blood pressure and the people who are on medication for asthma or depression advised against their use. Moreover, the leading e cigarette companies do not like to market the e-cigarettes as definite aids for quitting smoking or as a cessation device.

Therefore, electronic cigarettes are a safe and clean way of smoking with various advantages. If you wish to buy electronic cigarettes online then you can visit www.theeciggy.com, a renowned web portal selling the best quality e-cigs at affordable prices.