5 Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes Reported by Former Smokers

Jul 30

Considering switching from commercial cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? Here are just five benefits reported by former smokers who have ditched traditional tobacco products in favor of e-cigarettes.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

1. Cleaner, Safer Environment

Since electronic cigarettes don’t contain combustible material, they don’t dribble ashes or leave ashtrays full of unsightly butts. There is also no need for lighters or matches because e-cigarettes run on batteries and do not produce any heat that can cause a fire hazard. To enhance the impression of smoking a regular cigarette, e-cigarettes have LED lights in the tip that glows red (or blue, if desired) every time the user takes a drag.

2. No Offensive Odors

Unlike traditional tobacco, electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine without leaving any smell behind. The “smoke” that is exhaled by e-cigarette users is simply water vapor which has no odor and quickly dissipates. There is taste to the smoke, however, and users can choose to have traditional tobacco in regular or menthol or opt for flavors like vanilla, coffee and cherry. This also means that “vap-ing” doesn’t leave tell-tale odors on user’s clothing, residence or car.

3. No Carcinogens

Regular tobacco not only contains tars which inhibit lung function, many commercial brands include fillers, chemicals and flame-retardant treatments which further inflames smoker’s lungs. Electronic cigarette cartridges produce “smoke” by using propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and sometimes polyethylene (commonly used in products like toothpaste and asthma inhalers). Even though the FDA has publicly discouraged electronic cigarettes use, the electronic cigarette manufactures expressed concern that their tests are too “narrow to reach any valid and reliable conclusions.” One concern is that electronic cigarettes are marketed to young people as a safe alternative to tobacco, which cannot yet be validated.

4. Less Smoking Restrictions

Electronic cigarette smokers do not adhere to the same restrictions as regular tobacco consumers because second hand smoke is not an issue. Since e-cigarettes leave no odor or mess, they can be used in places where smoking is typically discouraged, although sometimes an explanation is required.

5. Decrease Nicotine Intake

Last but not least, electronic cigarettes allow the user to gradually step down their nicotine intake until they are smoking zero-nicotine tabs. This permits users to maintain the physical smoking habit while eventually eliminating their nicotine dependence.

Please note these are reports from smokers who have made the switch.