4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your E-Cigarette

Jun 10

How To Clean Electronic CigarettesThere is no denying that e-cigarettes are a great solution for people who find it tough to give up smoking. By using heat, the e-cigarette vaporizes liquid nicotine, generates smoke and imitates the sensation a person gets when smoking real cigarettes. What makes it innocuous is the liquid used does not consist of tar and other harmful substances that are present in cigarettes. In essence, users can enjoy a smoke minus the many harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are made using electronic parts and demand proper maintenance. There are relevant maintenance tips that you must follow to keep the working of the e-cigarettes at its best.

Here are a Few Ways Through Which you Can Improve the Life of Your E-Cigs:


1) Keep the Batteries Clean

For this, you can make use of a clean tissue paper and wipe the connection parts of the battery two or three times a week. This removes the buildup of scale in the terminals that often lead to damage.  You want to make sure that you keep the contacts clean.

2) Charge the Batteries Correctly

It is recommended to follow the instructions given in the manual that comes along with the e-cigarettes. A majority of manufacturers advise that you charge the batteries 8 hours before the initial use. It doesn’t matter whether the light says that the battery is fully-charged, it’s best to stick to the 8-hour principle. Also, it’s best practice to fully discharge the batteries before recharging them.

3) Ensure That the Cartridges Are Cleaned and Locked

On the one hand, there is pre-filled cartridges while on other, there are refillable ones. The refillable cartridges should be cleaned for hygienic reasons. You can do this by using cotton that has been dipped in alcohol. You should also avoid using worn out cartridges as they hold less amounts of liquid. Moreover, be sure that the cartridge is locked till you are about to use the e-cigarettes.

4) Clean the Atomizer

The atomizer should be kept moist which is the reason why contemporary e-cigarettes have a primer liquid in the atomizer. It is advised to clean the inside of the atomizer every day by covering the threaded region with a tissue and then blowing on the other end.

All these points can help you extend the life of the e-cigarette considerably.

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