Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarettes Review

Mar 22

Vapor Couture Electronic CIgarettes ReviewVapor Couture electronic cigarettes are unique in the sense that they have been designed for women. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Vapor Couture are the most stylish and classy electronic cigarettes available on the market. They are not just slim but also come in attractive colors. The perfect finishing makes these electronic cigarettes look very appealing. Furthermore, they come in attractive packaging and the overall presentation is excellent. Indeed, in terms of looks and appearance, Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes rank higher than most other brands on the market.

The crystal glowing LED tip makes Vapor Couture cigs all the more attractive to the user.  However, believing that Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are all show and no substance would be a gross mistake. Using the impressive technology of V2 cigs, Vapor Couture cigarettes promise to provide a complete smoking experience to the users. The slim 7.9 mm battery perfectly fits into the style of style and design of the e cigarette. Performance wise too, the battery is quite impressive. The battery is long-lasting and makes the overall e cigarette smoking experience all the more pleasurable. Customers can also choose the nicotine levels depending upon their preferences.

Exciting electronic cigarette flavors from Vapor Couture

  1. Fresh Mint
  2. Arctic Mint
  3. Rodeo Drive
  4. Strawberry Champagne
  5. Bombshell
  6. Passion Fruit

Each of the flavors has its own unique taste. The life time warranty offered by the company on all its products makes them all the more attractive to the customers. As Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are totally maintenance free, they are very convenient to use. Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are available in three different starter kits.

Vapor Couture Starter Kits

  • VC essentials kit
  • VS deluxe kit
  • VC deluxe sampler kit

If you’re a woman and wish to quit the harmful habit of tradition cigarette smoking, buying a vapor couture starter kit is certainly one of the best options.   For more information on Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Reviews or the best electronic cigarettes call The eCiggy at 818-639-2449