South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Apr 06

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

The advanced proprietary technology used in the manufacturing of South Beach e-cigarettes provides the complete smoking experience to cigarette smokers without all the chemicals in traditional nicotine cigarettes.  Despite the increasing competition, the company has successfully held its ground. South Beach continues to be one of the most popular brands in the electronic cigarettes industry. Much of the credit for the success of the company goes to its top-quality products, innovative marketing strategies and affordable pricing. With its exciting deals, the company makes it very convenient for customers to purchase their favorite electronic cigarettes without burning a hole in their pocket.

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Components

Working with a commitment to provide the best smoking experience to its customers, South Beach has made significant improvements in its battery performance. The modifications done to the battery ensures that it lasts a long time. The powerful battery also improves the performance of the cartomizers. South Beach smoke cartomizers provide a very satisfying smoking experience and the vapor production is excellent. The wide variety of flavors offered by the company ensures that all requirements of the customers are met conveniently. You can easily choose from menthol, vanilla and other exciting flavors.

The South Beach Deluxe Starter Kit offered by the company is one of the best options available to the customers. The deluxe kit comes with a two-piece e-design and the kit includes:

  • Standard SuperMax Battery
  • Extra-capacity SuperMax Battery
  • 5 Large Cartridges/Atomizers
  • Wall Charger
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Membership Card.

If you prefer a three-piece design, you can opt for premium kit offered by the company.

The membership program offered by the company is one of the most significant factors that set South Beach apart from its competitors. The customers can avail exciting discounts on cartridge refills.  Additionally, the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty and numerous special offers on products. The company has also made significant improvements in the presentation and packaging products.

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