Green Smoke Reviews

Mar 21

Green Smoke ReviewsGreen Smoke is credited with introducing two piece designs that has completely transformed the face of the electronic cigarette industry. With Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, also known as vapor cigs, smokers can enjoy a huge amount of vapor from a small cartridge. Minimum maintenance and affordable pricing are two of the other major factors that have greatly contributed to the popularity of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in the market.

When it comes to two piece e-cigarettes, Green Smoke is a market leader . Unlike other companies that offered three pieces, Green Smoke introduced two-piece cigarettes that gained instant popularity in the market. The brand has not looked back ever since. The two-piece model requires almost zero maintenance and is very convenient-to-use. Green Smoke offers many choices to the customers. Offering seven exclusive flavors to the customers, Green Smoke promises to meet the requirements of all types of customers conveniently.

Green Smoke Reviews Popular Flavors

  • Absolute Tobacco flavor
  • Red Label Tobacco flavor
  • Tobacco Gold flavor
  • Menthol Ice
  • Vanilla Dreams


Green Smoke Reviews Nicotine Options

As far as the nicotine concentration is concerned, Green Smoke offers five different options to the users.

  1. ‘Strong’ has a 2.4% level of nicotine
  2. ‘full’ has a 1.8% level of nicotine
  3. ‘light’ has 1.2% level of nicotine
  4. ‘ultra-light’ has .6% level of nicotine
  5. ‘zero’ has 0%  no nicotine

Customers can easily choose the required electronic cigarettes as per their own preferences. With a wide choice of options, Green Smoke makes it easier for you to buy your favorite electronic cigarette conveniently. In addition to electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke offers an extensive range of accessories that will greatly enhance your electronic cigarette smoking experience.

With modest pricing, Green Smoke makes it easier for the customers to purchase their favorite electronic cigarettes without having to shell out too much money. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can be easily recommended to those who are trying to shift from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Different nicotine levels and high-quality flavor makes Green Smoke one of the best electronic cigarettes brands in the industry.

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