Studies Establish that Electronic Cigarette Smoking is Safe

Nov 28

All of us are well-aware of the fact that tobacco smoking is bad for us. Smoking conventional cigarettes causes cancer and other major illnesses which have become a major cause of death across the world. Many people die of preventable diseases caused by smoking. However, those who’re addicted to smoking find it extremely hard to quit the habit. The urge to smoke is so strong that their repeated attempts to quit smoking come to naught. But with the emergence of electronic cigarettes, it has become easier for people to give up smoking and live a healthy life.

The Safe Cig

Many electronic cigarette companies have emerged in the recent times that provide top-quality products at affordable prices. It is now widely acknowledged that e cigarettes have much less negative health effects compared to traditional cigarettes. Here, we bring to you some of the recent studies carried out by reputed agencies establishing the fact that electronic cigarettes are quite safe and do not pose any health threat. Take a look-:

  • In a study conducted by CHANGE (Consulting for Health, Air, Nature & a greener environment), LLC at Clarkson university in NY, it was found that environmental e cigarette vapors do not pose any health risks to people. As ecigs vaporize liquid, the harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes are largely absent in electronic cigarettes. This makes e cigarettes harmless for people around you and thus, the justification behind keeping them legal at public places.
  • In a study conducted in Greece, it was found that electronic cigarettes do not pose any threat to the heart. After examining the heart of functions of young smokers, the research team found that those who smoked e cigarettes did not suffer any significant heart dysfunction. This was in stark contrast to increased blood pressure and heart beat that was observed in those who smoked traditional cigarettes.

While these were 2 of the major studies, there are many other studies carried out by researchers that confirm the fact that e cigarettes are quite harmless. More and more people around the world are realizing the benefits of e cigarettes. This is evident from the growing demand of e cigarette products offered by reputed electronic cigarette companies. GJAT363F7UW3