Which Country Smokes The Most Cigarettes

Aug 06

Today we bring you a pretty amazing infographic that shows you the amount of cigarettes smoked by the average person in certain countries.  Keep in mind that this number is decreasing with the rise of electronic cigarettes. Japan lead the pack with the average smoker smoking 3.023 cigarettes per year.  Stacked that would equal roughly 819 ft., the height of the MetLife building in New York. Coming in second is the United States with the average smoker smoking about 2,225 cigarettes per year.  If you stacked all those cigarettes that would be equivalent to the height of the Space Needle in Seattle at 605ft.   According to the inographic brought to us by HealthLine, every single day the worlds population smokes about 15 billion cigarettes which is 3.2 trips to the moon…!...

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