Damaging Long Term Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Apr 02

According to the American Heart Association, cigarette smoking causes more than 444,000 deaths in the US every year. In other words, around 18% of the country’s annual deaths are caused by smoking. These numbers are staggering and tragic at the same time. Considering the fact that smoking deaths are entirely preventable, it’s quite sad that so many people continue to die because of the diseases caused by smoking. People who smoke traditional, tobacco-based cigarettes expose themselves to a wide range of illnesses and diseases. Many of these illnesses are fatal and become the cause of death for a large number of people. Let’s take a look at what years of continuous smoking can do to your health- Lung Cancer A majority of people detected with lung cancer are smokers. In addition to tobacco, traditional cigarettes contain around 60 other chemicals that are known to cause cancer. According to one of the estimates, around 85% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Cardiovascular Illnesses Smokers are at a greater risk of heart attacks. Many of the harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes enter the blood stream and may become a cause of heart attack. Smoking may also cause high blood pressure and obesity. Respiratory Illnesses Regular smoking can make it difficult for people to breather normally. It may also become a cause of many respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. The worst part is, people who inhale cigarette smoke have as much chance of developing respiratory illnesses as active smokers. Aging Smoking can speed up the aging process. It not just damages your internal organs but also affect your external physical appearance. It also causes premature wrinkles and other skin diseases. The eCiggy store is one of the best places to buy top-quality electronic cigarettes at low prices. As one of the leading electronic cigarette companies, the eCiggy promises to meet all requirements of the customers in a convenient way. More information is available at http://www.theeciggy.com/              ...

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Mar 29

With more and more people realizing the health hazards of smoking traditional cigarettes, the sales of electronic cigarettes have soared. An increasing number of people all over the world have shifted to e cigarettes. Whether you’re a regular smoker or somebody who smokes occasionally, e cigarettes are the right choice for you. As the demand for electronic cigarettes continue to increase, a wide range of options have been made available to the customers. In the recent years, many new brands have entered the industry making it convenient for customers to buy the best quality e cigs available. When it comes to buying electronic cigarettes, there are many choices available. Here are 5 points to consider when buying electronic cigarettes- Electronic Cigarette Brand With an increase in demand, many brands have flooded the market. However, not all of them live up to their promise of providing the best products. It is advisable to opt for an established and well-known electronic cigarette brand. You can go through some of the reviews available online before choosing a particular brand but it’s imperative to do your research.  With many electronic cigarette forms on the web you can easily get solid recommendations. Electronic Cigarette Flavors Availability of different flavors is one of the most significant factors that have contributed to the success of electronic cigarettes. Whether we talk of traditional tobacco flavor of unique fruit flavors, there are numerous options available to the customers. Not every electronic cigarette manufacture makes the same flavors so make sure you try different ones and choose a company has flavors that match your tastes and preferences. Electronic Cigarette Vapor Quality The quality of vapor created by an electronic cigarette is an important factor that must be taken into account when it comes to buying electronic cigarettes. When it comes to providing an authentic cigarette smoking experience, the vapor quality and throat hit plays a very important role.  Each brand of electronic cigarettes differs in the vapor quality and this is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to finding an e cigarette that is going to satisfy. Electronic Cigarette Nicotine level Electronic cigarettes are available in different nicotine levels. Choosing the right nicotine level will...

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Some Alarming Facts for Women Smokers

Mar 04

We all know that smoking is an addictive habit and its adverse effects have been highlighted in multiple studies.  Moreover, new studies conducted time and time again bring out some even more astonishing facts about the habit which is common among men and women across the world. Although cigarette smoking poses health hazards for everybody who lights up, recent research has revealed facts that may be alarming for women smokers. As per the trends reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, death rates in women smokers have caught up with their male counterparts. The study also reveals that women who smoke nowadays are far more likely to die due to this habit than they were in the 1960s. This may be attributed to the changing lifestyles as well as the changing environment around us which has impacted the women of today. The risks of lung cancer has also increased considerably among women are daily smokers. Data has been collected from more than two million women in the US. Since, women’s autonomy is quite different from men lady smokers have always been at higher health risks than men. The first generation of women smokers emerged during the 1950s and 1960s and even in those early years women who smoked were nearly three times more likely to die from lung cancer as people who had never smoked. Coming to the present era, records from reliable medical institutions collected during 2000-2010 show that women were 25 times more likely to die from lung cancer than their non-smoking friends. In the words of renowned researcher Dr. Michael Thun the increase in risk among female smokers has continued over the decades despite the fact that women predominantly smoke brands that are marketed as low in tar and nicotine. These facts surely do act as alarming warning signals for women to get rid of the habit as soon as possible. Although smoking for even a few years does considerable damage to your body giving up early can surely reduce the risks by considerable amounts. In fact those who quit smoking before the age of 40 years do live longer than those who do not. For information on women smokers and ways to quit smoking...

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Electronic Cigarettes (Infographic)

Feb 16

Wow…  Electronic Cigarettes.  We at TheEciggy.com have a passion for electronic cigarettes. We share with you a few facts of the most marvelous device in the world!   Love Electronic Cigarettes? Copy and Embed This Code to Share With Your Readers Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: TheEciggy.com, Avid believer of Electronic...

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What Happened to the Safe Cig?

Feb 06

Many people have been asking the following questions: What happened to the Safe Cig? Where is the Safe Cig? The eCiggy has sold Safe Cig products because we believe in their quality, flavor and brand.   The eCiggy is now carrying another top quality electronic cigarette called V2 Cigs. For a limited time as a courtesy The eCiggy is providing all customers with a FREE adapter which will allow Safe Cig users to use their Safe Cig batteries with the V2 refill cartridges.  V2 Cigs uses the same technology in their vapor, Propylene Glycol. Feel free to call us at 818-639-2449, email, or contact The eCiggy with any questions regarding Safe Cig. If you have flavor questions, adapter questions or any other questions we are more than happy to take the time to help you. The eCiggy will do it’s very best to make this transitions as easy as possible. An alternative to Safe Cig is the ever so popular V2 Cigs. Why are V2 Cigs So Popular?Kindest, The...

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Get Inspired by Your Favorite Celebrity to Quit Smoking

Jan 30

Hollywood has always been closely associated to smoking. With some of the actors lighting up the cigarettes onscreen and the others confessing of them being a part of their private lives, the showbiz industry seemed to be smitten with cigarette smoking a few years back. This was mainly because cigarette smoking was considered cool and glamorous. However, with the increasing consciousness about the ill-effects of this habit not only has the industry become more responsible while portraying smoking in the mainstream cinema but celebrities are giving it up on a personal level too. All the movies today issue proper health warnings whenever the stick is being used in the shots. Also, with several known faces giving up smoking in their personal lives many people are getting inspired to becoming non-smokers. Lets talk bout a few celebrities who have managed to kick the habit and become inspirations for their fans.   The names include actresses like Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston, Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron, Whoppie Goldberg, Kelly Ripa, Elizabeth Hurley, Courtney Cox (the Friends star) and Ahsley greene (of Twilight fame). Among the list of men there are names like Academy Award-winner Matt Damon & Ben Affleck, Jack Black (the Tropic Thunder star) and Jon Mamm (of Mad Man) fame. All these celebrities opted for different ways to achieve the same goal. While Ben Affleck and Matt Damon resorted to hypnosis for assistance, celebrities like Jack Black used green tea to kill the urge for smoking. Among the actresses Jennifer Aniston opted for yoga in order to clean her body of all the caffeine while Katherine Heigl took to electronic cigarettes to stop herself from smoking. E-cigarettes have undoubtedly presented themselves as an effective alternative for those who wish to give up the unhealthy habit of smoking. Since they provide the same sensation as that of a real cigarette without any addictive material those who are addicted to the stick find it easy to give up slowly. There are several people who emulate their favorite Hollywood icons in many ways. Therefore, by opting for healthier alternatives like electronic cigarettes these renowned names are setting the right example for millions of their fans. The ever increasing demand for e-cigarettes in the...

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Cigarette Smoking Teenagers

Jan 16

It is estimated that around 20-25% teenagers have smoked a cigarette at least once in the US.  Many analysts believe that these are conservative estimates and the actual figure is likely to be much higher.  This number looks worrisome especially when we take into account the harmful effects of tobacco on our health. This also highlights the pressing need to generate more awareness among teenagers regarding the hazardous health effects of cigarette smoking. Regardless of the age-group you belong to, traditional cigarette smoking can seriously damage your health. And for teenagers, the damage can be greater.  We’re not just talking about physical health here. Smoking can also affect the mental and social well-being of a teenager.  Let’s take a look at a few reasons why cigarette smoking is harmful for teenagers- Weak immune system Smoking weakens your immune system. It decreases the ability of your body to fight various diseases. As teenagers spend a major portion of time in school, they are always at risk of contracting communicable diseases. As the immunity of the body decreases, children who smoke are a greater risk of catching common cold and flu. Bad physical appearance It’s a known fact that teenagers are very concerned about their appearance. Looking good and presentable is considered important. Many teenagers feel insecure as far as their looks are concerned. Cigarette smoking can add to this insecurity. Yellow teeth, bad breath and bad skin are some of the direct fall outs of traditional cigarette smoking. A bad appearance may have a negative effect on self-confidence and self-esteem. Problems in peer-groups Considering the growing awareness levels about the dangers of cigarette smoking, teenagers who smoke may find it difficult to adjust in their peer-groups. It can hamper their social growth. These are just 3 of a dozen reasons why teens or anyone for that fact should quit smoking.   For more information on the harmful effects of smoking click...

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Cigarette Smoking and The Showbiz Industry

Jan 15

There was a time when cigarette smoking was an integral part of the showbiz industry. Lighting up a cigarette or cigar was considered cool and glamorous. Many actors could be seen smoking cigarettes. And it was not just in the movies. Many actors confessed to smoking regularly in their private lives too. It’s not like that the situation has changed completely now. But there is certainly more awareness as far as the harmful effects of traditional cigarette smoking is concerned. Smoking is no longer considered ‘cool’ and ‘attractive’. The filmmakers and celebrities show a more responsible behavior when it comes to cigarette smoking. While there are many celebrities who continue to smoke in their private lives, there are many others who have successfully kicked the habit. Let’s take a look at some of the popular celebrities who successfully quit the harmful habit of traditional cigarette smoking- Katherine Heigl decided to switch to electronic cigarettes to get rid of her cigarette addiction.  Electronic cigarettes have helped her stay clear of the harmful side effects of tobacco-based cigarette smoking. Charlize Theron, of Monster fame, reportedly took the help of a hypnotist to overcome her cigarette addiction. She admitted it was difficult for her to quit smoking initially but now she has overcome it completely. Jennifer Aniston, another popular Hollywood celebrity, reportedly took the help of yoga to get rid of her cigarette addiction and cleanse her body of all harmful chemicals. She eventually succeeded in kicking up the habit. Ben Affleck also used hypnosis to quit smoking. He gave the habit in 2005 when he discovered that his wife Jennifer Garner was pregnant with their first child. Leonardo Di Caprio belongs to the growing list of Hollywood celebrities who’ve decided to switch to electronic cigarettes to avoid the harmful effects of tobacco. It was claimed in the media reports that it was upon his advice, actor Robert Pattinson quit traditional smoking and took up e cigarettes instead. There are many people in this world who emulate Hollywood celebrities. By successfully giving up the harmful habit of smoking or switching to healthier alternatives like electronic cigarettes from the eciggy, these celebrities have set a positive examples for their fans. This is evident...

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Traditional Cigarette Smoking and Depression

Jan 11

It’s a known fact that traditional cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that can be very damaging to a person’s health. From heart diseases to lung cancer, tobacco-based cigarettes can lead to serious illnesses that can put your life in danger. Most people understand the harmful health effects of cigarette smoking on a person’s physical health. However, something that most people and even health organizations tend to ignore is the negative effects of cigarette smoking on the emotional health of a person. Cigarette smoking can lead to a myriad of emotional problems that can have a debilitating effect on the day-to-day life of a person. Depression is one of the most common mental disorders that affect countless people all over the world. It has always been believed that depressed people are more likely to smoke. However, the notion that smoking can cause depression in people has now gained widespread acceptance in the medical fraternity. Various studies have been conducted in the recent years that have successfully strengthened the belief that people who smoke regularly are more likely to suffer from depression a few years down the line. In a study conducted by the experts from the University of Navarra on 8,557 university graduates with an average age of 42, it was found that participants who smoked were at a greater risk of developing depression. More participants who smoked were diagnosed with depressions than their counterparts. In a similar study conducted by Epidemiologic Catchment Area (ECA), it was found that about 70% of male and 80% of female habitual smokers had depression. Many other similar studies have been conducted in the past that point in the same direction. Considering the harmful physical and mental health effects of traditional smoking, it has become quite important for people to get rid of the habit as soon as possible. There are many ways through which a person can overcome his smoking addiction. However, it is important to understand that smoking is a highly addictive habit and overcoming it may not be easy. However, with strong determination and will power, it’s very much doable. Switching to electronic cigarettes is one of the ways that can help you avoid the negative and harmful health effects of cigarette...

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History of Electronic Cigarettes

Jan 07

From its early origins in China in 2003, electronic cigarettes have come a long way. In the past decade, they have gained immense popularity all over the world. Known to provide the same feeling and experience, e cigarettes are considered a safer and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. With more and more people becoming more aware of harmful side effects of traditional cigarettes, e cigs continue to rise in popularity. Let’s take a look at a brief history of electronic cigarettes and how they have become the preferred choice of people all over the world. The electronic cigarette was first invented in China in 2003. The product was introduced in the market and was made commercially available in 2004. Electronic cigarettes were introduced in the US and Europe in the year 2006. Many brands were launched and the sales started in retail stores, tobacco shops and online stores. The first major study to determine the health effects of electronic cigarettes was conducted in 2008 in the New Zealand. The study concluded that carcinogens and toxicants in e cigarettes were present below harmful levels. The study established the fact that e cigs are a safer alternative to tobacco-based traditional cigarettes.  However, the same year marketers were asked to remove all labels from electronic cigarette packs that suggested e cigs were safe. The voices to ban the promotion of electronic cigarette gained momentum in the year 2009. However, in another study performed by an independent consulting firm, it was found that electronic cigarettes were not dangerous to users’ health. In the year 2010, the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) extended its support to the sale of e cigarettes to adults. In a study conducted by Boston University it was found that e cigs are a safer and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. In the year 2011 and 12, the sale of electronic cigarettes continued to rise all over the world. With many famous celebrities endorsing the products, e cigs have gained tremendous popularity in all parts of the world. They are available in a variety of flavors and can also be purchased online. For more information on electronic cigarettes visit...

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Enforcements of Strict Anti-Cigarette Smoking Laws to Discourage People From Smoking

Jan 02

Considering the damaging health effects of traditional cigarette smoking, the strict enforcement of strict anti-tobacco laws by governments all over the world comes as no surprise. In numerous countries, people are prohibited from smoking cigarettes in public places. Many countries have strict laws banning cigarette advertisements. Cigarette companies are not allowed to promote or advertise their products in any form. While these efforts are laudable, but the sad truth is, cigarette smoking rate continues to rise all over the world. Even though people are well aware of the negative health effects of cigarette smoking, the addiction to cigarettes is hard to overcome. Many countries around the world have gone out of their way to discourage people from smoking. The strict enforcement of plain packaging in Australia is a case in point. Australia has some of the harshest anti cigarette smoking laws in place. Under the new rule, all cigarette manufacturing companies have been prohibited from displaying company logos and colors on cigarette packets. Instead, dull and dreary colors along with anti-cigarette messages are displayed on cigarette packs. They also contain graphic images portraying harmful health consequences of cigarette smoking. The new law is expected to take away the ‘glamor’ part associated with cigarette smoking. It’s expected that other countries including the UK will follow suit and introduce plain packaging. From banning television commercials to prohibiting sports sponsorship, many innovative anti-cigarette smoking campaigns have been launched all over the world. But still, a lot needs to be done on this front. However, as the habit of smoking is highly addictive, these campaigns have been met with limited success. One of the solutions has been provided by electronic cigarette companies. In the recent years, electronic cigarettes have gained tremendous popularity all over the world. As they do not contain any tobacco, e cigarettes have emerged as a safe alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. The popularity of electronic cigarette companies can be gauged from the fact that many top celebrities including Lindsay Lohan and Leonardo Di Caprio have been spotted smoking e cigs. Electronic cigarettes are designed to satisfy the desire for Nicotine in regular cigarette smokers.  For more information on quitting smoking click...

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Cigarette Smoking and Fertility in Men and Women

Dec 31

If you’re a traditional cigarette smoker and are trying to live a healthy life, you need to quit smoking now! Tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of premature deaths in the US and other parts of the world. Even though some substantive measures have been taken by countries to discourage people from smoking cigarettes, the number of cigarette smokers is on the rise. From heart ailments to respiratory problems, cigarette smoking can lead to serious health complications that may result in the early death of a person. For this reason, it is important to quit smoking or switch to healthier alternatives such as electronic cigarettes. Apart from other illnesses, smoking can lead to serious fertility problems in men and women. In fact, it is one of the health risks that are often ignored in anti-cigarette smoking campaigns. Most of the times, the focus is one fatal illnesses. However, fertility issues are a major concern that smokers, particularly young smokers should be made aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the ways traditional cigarettes can negatively affect fertility health in men and women. Avoiding active and second-hand cigarette smoke or switching to electronic cigarettes will help you avoid these negative health effects. Effects on men Smoking cigarettes for a prolonged period can damage your reproductive organs. It can cause infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. Hormonal imbalances and low sperm counts are two of the major health effects of cigarette smoking. Traditional cigarettes have more than 7000 harmful chemicals that affect all parts of the body and reproductive organs are no exception. The bad part is, secondhand smoke is as damaging for your reproductive health as active smoking. For this reason, it’s important to avoid the company of a smoker. Effects on women Various studies suggest that tobacco smoking can be more damaging for women as compared to men. It can cause immense problems as far as a women’s fertility is concerned. Irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty in conceiving and ovulation problems can be a direct fallout of cigarette smoking in women. Tobacco cigarette smoking during pregnancy may result in stillbirth or cause physical and mental abnormalities in a child. It can also result in miscarriage. Considering...

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