How Not to Look Like a Vaping Newbie

Feb 04

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that heat liquid nicotine until it forms a smokeless, odorless vapor. They are a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, delivering nicotine without the harmful carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the carcinogens found in the average amount of vapor delivered in an entire day by an e-cig is 1400 times less than what is found in a single tobacco cigarette. If you are interested in e cigs or are just getting started, you might find this simple guide helpful on your journey. Enjoy! Vocabulary  Electronic cigarettes: Also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, or smokeless cigarettes. They often come in a shape that resembles traditional cigarettes, but manufacturers are beginning to offer ecigs in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Vaping: The act of puffing on an ecig. People who vape are called vapers or vapists. Juice, E-Juice, E-Liquid, or Smoke Juice: The liquid that is vaporized while using an e-cigarette. Atomizer, or Atty: The e-cig component that heats the juice to the point of vaporization. Cartridge, or Cart: A plastic tube-like piece that is usually stuffed with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds the juice. Charger: Battery charger used to recharge your depleted e-cigarette battery. Starter Kit: Includes the basic e-cigarette equipment to get someone started with vaping. Most starter kits come with 1 or more atomizers, 1 or more batteries, a charger and 5 cartridges pre-filled with Juice. How To Buy First of all, it’s okay to ask questions. Because vaping is so new and growing so quickly, you are not alone in your innocence, and any good vendor will be happy to explain how ecigs work and help you choose the right one. If you have a lot of questions or like to do a lot of research before making a purchase, you might benefit from one of the e-cig and vaping forums found online. Now that you know the basic e-cig terminology, you are ready to purchase your first e-cigarette. Your best and most cost-effective option is to begin with a starter kit. Starter kits come in all shapes and sizes, and will get you set up with everything you need. For your cartridge, try an assortment of...

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Should Electronic Cigarettes be Regulated?

Oct 03

As the electric cigarette (e cigarette) continues to grow in popularity, the health concerns associated with e-cigs also continues to grow in direct correspondence. These electronic cigarettes are considered to be healthier than regular cigarettes because they eliminate the smoke and do not contain the many chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes. A new report revealed as many as 6 percent of all adults and 21 percent of all adult smokers have experimented with electronic cigarettes. The awareness of the availability of electronic cigarettes increased more than 20 percent over the past two years. The increase in the popularity of these products has caused the health industry to rush into action to determine the health risks that are involved. Health Issues The fact that myriad of dangerous chemicals that are present in regular cigarettes are absent with the electronic cigarettes, does not eliminate the fact that these alternatives to regular cigarettes still contain nicotine, which is extremely addictive. The natural postulation is that electronic cigarettes cannot be nearly as unhealthy as regular cigarettes and that is a pretty safe assumption; however, that doesn’t mean that the product is completely safe, and if the product has health risks it stands to reason that there needs to be some type of regulatory process involved. Regulation The issue is that the need for regulation is generally based on the assessment of risks and without the necessary data to accurately assess risks, it is an uphill battle to form regulations that would control and manage the sale and consumption of this product. You can expect the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to enter into the ruckus very soon. The concern is that the interference by the FDA will be too heavy handed and end up being counterproductive. Many argue that the push for regulation is based more on money than actual health concerns. As the popularity and sale of electronic cigarettes increase, the ability to generate revenue through special taxes, similar to the ones placed on regular cigarettes, also increase. Possible health risk involved with e-cigs should be looked into further and cannot be denied, the problem is the risk of making electronic cigarettes so difficult and expensive to obtain that people will srevert...

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Big Business Invades as Electronic Cigarette Industry Explodes

Sep 09

For the past 10 years or so, the purveyors of electronic cigarettes have pretty much dominated the electronic cigarette market; however the landscape of that industry is shifting at a rapid pace. Large firms, including the top 3 tobacco manufacturers, have moved into the electronic cigarette arena. With projected sales revenue for electronic cigarettes expected to top $1 billion this year, the regular players, such as Vapor, Njoy and Logic are tensely anticipating the fallout associated with the invasion of tobacco giants into this once small niche market. It was inevitable; the growth of the electronic cigarette market is reflective of the shrinkage of the regular cigarette industry, causing the large tobacco companies to use their power and resources to regain revenue lost by those who have quit smoking in lieu of using electronic cigarettes. In August, Altria Group Inc., the largest cigarette manufacturer in America, begin selling their brand of electronic cigarettes. The second largest cigarette manufacturer, Reynolds American Inc., will begin selling their Vuse brand electronic cigarette in the state of Colorado next month. Lorillard Inc. the nation’s oldest cigarette manufacturer purchased Blu eCigs last year for $135 million. Since then, they have their placement up to 80, 000 stores. Eli Alelov, the CEO of Logic Technology, says that the invasion of the larger corporations into the market is welcomed as long as they continue to play fair. There are concerns that the larger corporations will leverage their supply of cigarettes to major chains as way to insure their brands are carried in those stores. This major play on the electronic cigarette market by the big 3 tobacco companies comes amidst a huge debate as to whether electronic cigarettes are any safer that smoking tobacco. The primary way that electronic cigarettes work is to use battery powered heating to create a vapor from liquid nicotine which replaces the smoke from traditional cigarettes. At current, the FDA has not imposed any specific regulation on electronic cigarettes. The general school of thought is that despite the possible risks involved, electronic cigarettes are less harmful that traditional cigarettes, therefore a policy of less harm should rule out regulation. At current, electronic cigarettes only account for 1 percent of US cigarette...

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E-Cigs on the Fast Track

Jul 12

Electronic cigarettes are on a fast track to replace traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes though still not used by people worldwide, have started gaining success in the US and Europe.  However there is a lot of debate going on whether or not e-cigarettes are are a safer option than traditional cigarettes. In the end it’s best to smoke nothing at all so all electronic cigarette companies need to act responsibly and only target people who are already into traditional smoking and not try and attract new consumers.  One thing to be kept in mind is that this is not a new product but a product which has been made to replace an age old life threatening product. Moreover government has banned the selling of the products to children and a certain age limit is set to avoid the early use of e-cigarettes by children. Self-regulation is important to avoid misuse of the products and their sale. Hence when it comes to social responsibility electronic cigarette companies need to be very alert and ethical. People have always been aware of the negative effects and life taking impact of cigarettes and have always been looking for solutions to quit. It is being estimated that last year, around 700,000 people in Britain alone turned to electronic cigarettes and the selling figures of e-cigarettes is expected to rise in...

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Keep Your Electronic Cigarettes Clean

Jul 09

Have you every shared your electronic cigarette with someone? Keep your e-cigs clean and avoid any sort of contamination. Based on the brand of electronic cigarettes you own, there are a number of ways to protect the mouthpiece from being contaminated by another person. Each electronic cigarette normally has its own type of mouthpiece protector. The mouthpiece protectors are either available as disposable pieces or as sturdy washable piece. In case you plan to buy the latter, it is important that you keep the covers clean for the other user. As electronic cigarettes count on the generation of vapor, in essence cooler steam or e-liquid, the inside of the electronic cigarette is open for the growth of microorganisms if not properly maintained. Even the atomizer can also get contaminated. If you wish to avoid such instances from occurring, it is advisable that you follow a frequent maintenance schedule for the e-cigarette. It is integral to develop a habitual practice of cleaning your e-cigarette no matter how often you use it. Make it a point to tear your e-cigarette apart and clean all parts thoroughly. Another way of maintaining the cleanliness of your e-cig is by using rubbing alcohol. It assists in sterilizing the multiple pieces of the device, mainly if others have been smoking your cigarette. Don’t soak all the pieces in rubbing alcohol. Instead, wipe the contact area where the battery is placed and where you attach it for a charge using a cotton swab. You can use the swab and alcohol to clean the atomizer as well as all the threads. Make sure to clean the cartridges prior to using them. Once you have cleansed the e-cigarette, make it a point to let it dry completely and then reassemble it before use. Make sure to check with the manufacturer before using any sort of cleaning product on your e-cig…! For more information on keeping your electronic cigarettes clean call or visit The eCiggy at...

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Electronic Cigarettes The Second Disruptive Technology

Jun 28

The electronic cigarette is a breakthrough technology that will have a positive impact on the business milieu throughout the next century. — Citi Group According to the Citi report, the electronic cigarette is the second disruptive technology that is bound to transform the world. E-cigs are huge in the U.S. and are consistently growing in other international markets. Citi estimates that based on regulation and overall penetration into retail, the sector will rise at nearly 50% compound annual growth (CAG) over the coming few years. Citi’s estimation is not the only one that puts positive faith in the e-cig business potential but there are other names that have confidence in electronic cigarettes’ potential to rake in big money. Big tobacco is one such name that has been stressing on electronic cigarettes’ ability to keep annual sales high.  Altria Group Inc., world’s biggest tobacco company as well as the parent firm of Philip Morris USA has also entered the e-cigs arena. Altria’s top boss has stated that adult tobacco consumers have shown a good amount of interest in e-cigs. Owing to the rising health awareness and introduction of a number of taxes, the price of tobacco cigarettes have started skyrocketing across the US. All of this led to the start of the overall decline of the product. The sale of cigarettes fell 6.2% in the first quarter of 2013. Although electronic cigarettes were introduced to the market a decade ago, their real potential is getting realized only now. The overall sale of e-cigarettes last year was $500 million and it is expected to reach $1 billion this year. A latest study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that 21% of regular cigarette smokers had used e-cigs in 2011, a jump of 10% in 2010. The recent report from Citigroup reinstates what electronic cigarettes are capable of. It can be safely said that e-cigs will truly integral in the years to come. Overtime, a number of web-based stores like eCiggy have started selling superb electronic cigarettes. The eCiggy is making it possible for people to buy products that are the suitable alternatives to tobacco-filled cigarettes. Whether it is an electronic cigarette starter kit or refill cartridges,...

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Different Electronic Cigarettes To Choose From

Jun 24

Nowadays, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes stress on variety. In order to meet needs of people, they have launched a whole host of designs. They even play around with colors and other aspects of e-cigs. There are basically 4 different electronic cigarettes: Pen style Mini style Cigar style Pipe style The pen-styled e-cig looks like a pen. This type of electronic cigarette is of the same size as a pen and is normally white in color. Its shape is also like that of a writing pen. It can have different ends such as a round one or somewhat flattened “duck nose” one.  The pen style e-cig looks like your traditional cigarettes is the most popular e-cig on the market. The Mini electronic cigarette is smaller in size than a pen-style e-cig. It comes in multiple colors and can also have two kinds of different mouthpieces, round and flattened. In addition, there are also super-mini e-cigs. While the small e-cig is definitely an advantage, most producers have given up creating these as their size does not allow for high capacity batteries. It would require a person to recharge them multiple times a day so as to use it continually. Not just this, the vapor coming out of super mini e-cigs does not have ample space to be formed. Then, there are the electronic cigars. These can be of medium or large length as well as diameter. Manufacturers can also use a paper wrapping on an e-cigar so as to make the person feel like he is smoking a real cigar. Lastly, is the e-cig pipe. People actually get confused and believe a traditional pipe is being smoked but the various LED lights help reveal it’s an electronic device. The LED lights can be green, blue or orange in color. Don’t confuse the e-cig with the vaporizer.  There are few different electronic cigarettes but many vaporizers on the market as well.  For more information on on the right e-cig for you call (818) 639-2449....

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The Legal Status of Electronic Cigarettes

Jun 17

Have you ever wondered whether electronic cigarettes are legal or not? Electronic cigarettes have been available in the US since 2006, so seeing all the legal questions surrounding the product this does not come as a big surprise.  The usage of a product like this is bound to raise the eyebrows among certain sections of society so it is logical to take a look at its legality aspect. When it comes to its legal status, the electronic cigarette is categorized as neither a cigarette nor a product used to assist in the recovery from traditional cigarette addiction. Over a million Americans claim to have used the product to recover from a nicotine addiction that they possessed. Presently, the FDA stressed that the product is a drug device in legal terms. So the FDA is not exactly going to regulate this product in the same way as it regulates products that are used directly to kill the habit of smoking. The FDA has been looking at a number of the most popular products in this industry and testing them to check if they consist of harmful substances. E-cigarette firms have been taken to court over many issues and the federal appeals courts in the US have ruled in favor of the e-cig companies.   A myriad of state governments have also been trying to get e-cigarettes banned in their states. All in all, electronic cigarettes are legal, but it comes under immense scrutiny from state governments as well as the federal government. People under the age of 18 are not going to get access to this specific product. More resources on the legal status of electronic cigarettes: FDA...

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Tips When Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Jun 12

A majority of users are of the view that electronic cigarette smoking is the same as tobacco smoking. This is a direct result of the marketing done by electronic cigarette manufacturers who often say that their production is nothing different than tobacco products. It is absolutely imperative for the user to know how to smoke an electronic cigarette and receive pleasure from the process. The product should be completely ready to use in assembled condition. If you want to change the flavor cartridge or attache a new battery, it is pivotal to assemble the device correctly before smoking the e-cigarette. You must take extra care and fit all parts of the e-cigarette tightly together. On a number of occasions, users will face the problem of steam volume reduction and the subsequent change of taste can cause them a lot of irritation. It is crucial to take a look at the battery and status of the cartridge in this case.  The taste issue usually takes place if a cartridge aroma-nicotine liquid is depleted. There are a few ways to manage this problem. Replace the entire cartridge Refill your current cartridge with e-juice if your cartridge allows for it When refilling your cartridge, you should avoid mixing various aroma liquids and avoid using multiple liquids manufactured by different companies. For better vapor control inhale slow and steadily, more vapor will come out and its saturation will be higher in. With these simple steps, you can make e-smoking a more pleasant experience…! Initially you make think the taste of the electronic cigarette is the same as tobacco, but its taste is somewhat softer.  Nowadays, a whole host of online suppliers have started offering a wide range of e-cigarettes.  The onus lies with you to utilize the services of a quality e-cig manufacturer. Resources on how to use your electronic cigarettes: Electronic Ecig...

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4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your E-Cigarette

Jun 10

There is no denying that e-cigarettes are a great solution for people who find it tough to give up smoking. By using heat, the e-cigarette vaporizes liquid nicotine, generates smoke and imitates the sensation a person gets when smoking real cigarettes. What makes it innocuous is the liquid used does not consist of tar and other harmful substances that are present in cigarettes. In essence, users can enjoy a smoke minus the many harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are made using electronic parts and demand proper maintenance. There are relevant maintenance tips that you must follow to keep the working of the e-cigarettes at its best. Here are a Few Ways Through Which you Can Improve the Life of Your E-Cigs:   1) Keep the Batteries Clean For this, you can make use of a clean tissue paper and wipe the connection parts of the battery two or three times a week. This removes the buildup of scale in the terminals that often lead to damage.  You want to make sure that you keep the contacts clean. 2) Charge the Batteries Correctly It is recommended to follow the instructions given in the manual that comes along with the e-cigarettes. A majority of manufacturers advise that you charge the batteries 8 hours before the initial use. It doesn’t matter whether the light says that the battery is fully-charged, it’s best to stick to the 8-hour principle. Also, it’s best practice to fully discharge the batteries before recharging them. 3) Ensure That the Cartridges Are Cleaned and Locked On the one hand, there is pre-filled cartridges while on other, there are refillable ones. The refillable cartridges should be cleaned for hygienic reasons. You can do this by using cotton that has been dipped in alcohol. You should also avoid using worn out cartridges as they hold less amounts of liquid. Moreover, be sure that the cartridge is locked till you are about to use the e-cigarettes. 4) Clean the Atomizer The atomizer should be kept moist which is the reason why contemporary e-cigarettes have a primer liquid in the atomizer. It is advised to clean the inside of the atomizer every day by covering the threaded region with a...

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Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online From a Reputable Supplier

May 07

Electronic cigarettes are the new hot things on the market, starting trends everywhere from Hollywood to the local American smokers. Designed on the same line and offering the same experience as traditional cigarettes.  The quantity of nicotine in e-cigs is quite minute and may also be totally absent in some e-cigs. Users can choose refill cartridges of different nicotine strengths ranging from: high medium low Those planning to give up smoking can reduce this strength until the point they come to zero nicotine. Owing to the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes an increasing number of companies have started selling them online. Right from the starter kits to the refill cartridges and related accessories, electronic cigarette companies offer everything you need. The online vendors present to you all these products in a streamlined manner. You can buy electronic cigarettes online from the best known brands and top-notch manufacturers thus being totally assured of their quality. Every cartridge that comes with an e-cig kit contains a proprietary designed flavor and is roughly equal to one pack of traditional cigarettes, thus proving to be extremely quite effective. If you choose to buy these online then you will be saving much more owing to the price discounts and free shipping provided by most of the online suppliers. Online e-cigarette kits are not only comprehensive but extremely easy to use. You can set the cartridge and recharge it in the simplest manner without any troubles. Speaking of online stores, a web-based electronic cigarette company like The eCiggy can cater to your needs, effectively. Being the authorized dealer of a top notch manufacturer like V2 Cigs, The eCiggy is able to fulfill the needs of a whole host of clients, effortlessly. Having the best prices on the web and top kits in the market, the company has been able to set new standards in terms of customer satisfaction. Check out the V2 starter kits...

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Points To Consider When Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Apr 23

Given the high demand for e-cigs, more and more companies are manufacturing and supplying this revolutionary product. But not all e-cigs can be termed as high quality. There are certain aspects that set good electronic cigarettes apart from the mediocre ones. The onus lies with you, the smoker, to find and buy the best one. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when buying e-cigarettes: Batteries: The battery is the core of an e-cig. It is critical that the battery is strong enough to last a full day of smoking. Always ensure that the battery is durable as it may endure heavy traffic throughout the day. User-friendly quality: Nowadays, the 2-piece design in electronic cigarettes has become quite popular and easy to use. Gone are the days of the 3-piece design when smokers had to manually re-fill their e-cigs with a smoking liquid. You should ensure that you get your hands on only a 2-piece e-cig. Diverse charging options: It is always better to buy an electronic cigarette kit that comes complete with multiple charging options. Ideally, you should be able to charge the battery anywhere you are. Flavor choices: A leading electronic cigarette company will always provide you with a variety of flavors to choose from. Whether it is regular tobacco or strawberry, you must go for a setup that offers a wide set of flavors. Cartomizer: While having multiple flavor options is a good thing, what’s the point when it won’t last long? This is where a cartomizer with a long life can come in extremely hand. Smoking volume: Nowadays, not every e-cigarette provides a high volume of smoke. In this regard, you must go for an option that provides high volume output. Customer service and support: One of the important facets of buying electronic cigarettes is the quality of customer service and support rendered by the company. There are some good setups that ensure that all your queries are resolved and you get nothing but the best. There are e-cigarette companies that possess all the aforementioned qualities. The eCiggy is one such company that is widely known for its unmatched focus on quality. You can ask any of the individuals who have been...

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