Premium Electronic Cigarettes Review

Jun 04

The USP of Premium electronic cigarettes lies in the wide variety of starter kits and sleek looks. Premium electronic cigarettes are something you would love to flaunt. The stylish looks and beautiful design makes Premium electronic cigarettes highly attractive to the users. In fact, it’s hard to distinguish them with traditional cigarettes unless you take a close look.  Premium electronic cigarettes come in various colors and you can easily choose the one that appeals to you the most. Premium E cigarette is one of the leading brands in the electronics cigarettes industry. They offer electronic cigarettes in a wide range of flavors. Tobacco flavor, one of the most popular flavors, is available in three different variations. Menthol flavor offered by the company is equally popular amongst the users. From AC adapters to rechargeable batteries the electronic cigarette starter kits offered by the company comes with the best accessories. Customers can choose from different nicotine levels and choose the one that suits their preferences. Offering a wide range of choices, Premium E Cigarettes ensure that all requirements of the clients are met effectively. The affordable pricing is another important factor that has contributed to the success of Premium electronic cigarettes in the industry. The electronic cigarette starter kits can be easily purchased at highly affordable prices. Moreover, the company offers exciting offers and promotions to make it easier for clients to buy their favorite electronic cigarettes in a cost-effective manner. Premium electronic cigarettes are quite safe to use and do not carry the many harmful health effects that of traditional cigarettes. As they do not have any tobacco, they help you steer clear of tobacco-related illnesses. For more information on Premium Electronic Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes in general make sure to call the e-cig experts over at The eCiggy at 818-639-2449...

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Revolver Electronic Cigarettes Review

May 31

Low prices and outstanding flavored e-liquids are two of the most important factors that have contributed to the success of Revolver electronic cigarettes. Even though, the brand has a long way to go when it comes to becoming the number 1 brand in the industry, it has surely got off to a good start! Providing excellent performance, Revolver electronic cigarettes have gained tremendous popularity in the market. Offering 5 different types of electronic cigarettes to the customers, Revolver promises to provide the best cigarette smoking experience to users. Whether we talk of Elite or Talon, each electronic cigarette offered by the company comes with unique features. The 3-piece system electronic cigarettes offered by the company provides great performance. Revolver Electronic Cigarette Flavors When it comes to the flavors, there are many options available. The e-liquids offered by the company are of the highest quality. There are 17 different tobacco flavors to choose from. In fact, the flavor options offered by the company are so many that it’s hard to mention them here. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, you can be rest assured that your requirements will be met conveniently. Revolver Battery Life and Vapor Quality The battery life is decent. If you’re an average smoker, you’re unlikely to face any hassles because of the battery. For heavy smokers, it is advisable to carry an extra battery to avoid the temptation to smoke the traditional cigarette. The vapor quality is good. The thick cloud of vapor produced by Revolver electronic cigarettes provides the most authentic cigarette smoking experience to the users. Low prices are definitely one of the high points of Revolver electronic cigarettes. The starter kit offered by the company starts as low as $20. Even with such low prices, the company ensures that no compromise is made on the quality of the products. In fact, in terms of overall quality and design, Revolver electronic cigarettes match the very best in the industry. Revolver Electronic Cigarette Summary The company places utmost important on customer service. All requirements of the customers are addressed in a prompt manner. The customers can easily call them on their toll-free number and they ensure that all their queries are addressed and the best...

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The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Review

May 15

  Counted amongst one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of electronic cigarettes in the US, the Safe Cig has established itself as one of the most popular brands in the industry. The company is often credited with making electronic cigarettes hugely popular in the US. The Safe CiG electronic cigarettes are not just of superior-quality but are also very affordable. Apart from the fact that it is one of the most well-established brands in the industry, there are plenty of other factors that make the Safe CiG one of the most successful electronic cigarette brands in the US. The Safe Cig Packaging The Safe CiG believes in the minimalistic style of packaging. The packaging of the products is neat and simple. This will surely appeal to those who find flashy packaging distasteful. If you wish to buy the eCiggy starter kits, there are plenty of options available.  You can easily choose the desired kit and order it online. The Safe Cig Flavors When it comes to the flavors, the company mainly focuses on the requirements of regular cigarette smokers. Tobacco and menthol are the popular flavors offered by the company. As you’ll realize while smoking the Safe CiG electronic cigarettes, a lot of work has gone into the development of these flavors. Both the flavors provide excellent cigarette smoking experience to the users. You can easily choose the desired flavor as per your own preferences and requirements. The Safe Cig Vapor Quality The vapor quality matches the very best in the industry. The Safe CiG cigarettes create strong and dense vapor that provides the most authentic cigarette smoking experience to the users. The Safe Cig Nicotine Levels While the choice is somewhat limited in terms of flavors, the customers can easily choose the right nicotine level.  The company offers the best electronic cigarettes in different nicotine levels and the customers can choose the one that suits their preferences and requirements. The Safe Cig offers the following Nicotine Levels: Zero (0mg) Ultra Low (6mg) Low (11mg) Medium (14mg) High (18mg) Full Flavor (24mg)   The Safe Cig Battery The Micro Arc battery provided by the company is touted as the smallest battery in the world. In terms of performance,...

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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Review

May 13

  White Cloud electronic cigarettes are one of the major brands that have been making all the right noises in electronic cigarette industry. White Cloud E Cig is the ideal choice for those who’re looking for an e cig that not juts delivers a powerful draw but is also capable of creating large clouds of vapor. With its top-quality products, the brand has gained immense popularity and has firmly established itself in the industry. The presentation is one the first thing you’ll notice in White Cloud E Cigs. It is easily one of the most stylish and well-presented e cigs available on the market. With its beautiful design, it gives a posh and luxurious feel to the customers. Whether we talk of printing or material choices, the company seems to have taken the presentation part very seriously. A lot of hard work has gone into making While Cloud electronic cigarettes attractive and beautiful. As one of the few electronic cigarette brands offering double strength (XX) cartridges, White Cloud has gained immense popularity amongst heavy smokers. With high nicotine levels, Extra Strength and Double Extra Strength cartridges provide the best cigarette smoking experience to heavy smokers. More health-conscious people can opt for Full Strength Cartridges that come with comparatively lower nicotine levels. There are many other choices available when it comes to choosing the right electronic cigarette. An ability to create a dense cloud of vapor that is full of flavor is one of the major factors that set White Cloud E Cigs apart from its competitors. The quality and taste of flavor is highly impressive. The company has also revamped its battery technology. The latest battery offered by the company is long-lasting and provides excellent performance. In fact, many users claim these batteries to be longest-lasting e cigarette batteries in the US. Offering a wide range of other accessories, White Cloud promises to provide the most enjoyable cigarette smoking experience to its customers. From Shotgun Tips to Vapor Jackets, the company offers an extensive range of accessories to its clients. The company also offers the Squid Charger that allows the users to charge up to 3 e cigarettes simultaneously from a single USB port. Top-quality accessories offered by the...

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Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Review

Apr 25

For those who’re looking to buy electronic cigarettes, Crown 7 is a very attractive option. The brand may not yet enjoy the same level of popularity as some of the other brands do, but it is certainly one of the best brands available. With its top-quality products and excellent customer service, the brand has made its presence felt in the US market. Let’s take a more in depth look at electronic cigarettes offered by Crown 7.  Crown 7 pen style electronic cigarettes are one of the most distinct electronic cigarettes on the market. Even though it still remains part of their products line, the company has now expanded its range of products. When you order Crown 7 electronic cigarettes, the packaging won’t disappoint you. Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Flavors There is a wide variety of flavors that you can choose from. Tobacco flavor is one of the most popular options amongst those who wish enjoy the most authentic cigarette smoking experience. Some of the other flavors include menthol, cherry, grape, clove, vanilla, fruit punch, Red Bull, espresso and watermelon. These fruity flavors will certainly appeal to the tastes of many people. Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Vapor When it comes to vapor-quality, again, there is no room for complaint. The vapor produced by Crown 7 electronic cigarettes is thick. Moreover, you don’t have to take long drags to experience a strong throat hit. Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Kits The wide range of electronic cigarette kits is one of the best things about Crown 7. They have something for everyone. For women, Crown 7 offers a separate ‘W’ kit. The whole kit has been attractively designed. Not just this, the kit can be easily purchased at low prices. The same holds true for most other products, accessories and electronic cigarette kits offered by the company. Crown 7 electronic cigarettes have been designed in a visually-appealing manner and can be easily bought at low prices. Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Customer Service Excellent customer service is another reason that makes Crown 7 one of the best brands in the market. The shipping and the payment process is quite smooth and secure. The products are delivered within a short time and in a trouble-free...

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South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Apr 06

The advanced proprietary technology used in the manufacturing of South Beach e-cigarettes provides the complete smoking experience to cigarette smokers without all the chemicals in traditional nicotine cigarettes.  Despite the increasing competition, the company has successfully held its ground. South Beach continues to be one of the most popular brands in the electronic cigarettes industry. Much of the credit for the success of the company goes to its top-quality products, innovative marketing strategies and affordable pricing. With its exciting deals, the company makes it very convenient for customers to purchase their favorite electronic cigarettes without burning a hole in their pocket. South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Components Working with a commitment to provide the best smoking experience to its customers, South Beach has made significant improvements in its battery performance. The modifications done to the battery ensures that it lasts a long time. The powerful battery also improves the performance of the cartomizers. South Beach smoke cartomizers provide a very satisfying smoking experience and the vapor production is excellent. The wide variety of flavors offered by the company ensures that all requirements of the customers are met conveniently. You can easily choose from menthol, vanilla and other exciting flavors. The South Beach Deluxe Starter Kit offered by the company is one of the best options available to the customers. The deluxe kit comes with a two-piece e-design and the kit includes: Standard SuperMax Battery Extra-capacity SuperMax Battery 5 Large Cartridges/Atomizers Wall Charger Owner’s Manual Membership Card. If you prefer a three-piece design, you can opt for premium kit offered by the company. The membership program offered by the company is one of the most significant factors that set South Beach apart from its competitors. The customers can avail exciting discounts on cartridge refills.  Additionally, the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty and numerous special offers on products. The company has also made significant improvements in the presentation and packaging products. For more information on South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes call The eCiggy at 818-639-2449 Additional Resources for South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews Wikipedia Discovery Fit &...

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Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarettes Review

Mar 22

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are unique in the sense that they have been designed for women. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Vapor Couture are the most stylish and classy electronic cigarettes available on the market. They are not just slim but also come in attractive colors. The perfect finishing makes these electronic cigarettes look very appealing. Furthermore, they come in attractive packaging and the overall presentation is excellent. Indeed, in terms of looks and appearance, Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes rank higher than most other brands on the market. The crystal glowing LED tip makes Vapor Couture cigs all the more attractive to the user.  However, believing that Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are all show and no substance would be a gross mistake. Using the impressive technology of V2 cigs, Vapor Couture cigarettes promise to provide a complete smoking experience to the users. The slim 7.9 mm battery perfectly fits into the style of style and design of the e cigarette. Performance wise too, the battery is quite impressive. The battery is long-lasting and makes the overall e cigarette smoking experience all the more pleasurable. Customers can also choose the nicotine levels depending upon their preferences. Exciting electronic cigarette flavors from Vapor Couture Fresh Mint Arctic Mint Rodeo Drive Strawberry Champagne Bombshell Passion Fruit Each of the flavors has its own unique taste. The life time warranty offered by the company on all its products makes them all the more attractive to the customers. As Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are totally maintenance free, they are very convenient to use. Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are available in three different starter kits. Vapor Couture Starter Kits VC essentials kit VS deluxe kit VC deluxe sampler kit If you’re a woman and wish to quit the harmful habit of tradition cigarette smoking, buying a vapor couture starter kit is certainly one of the best options.   For more information on Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette Reviews or the best electronic cigarettes call The eCiggy at...

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Green Smoke Reviews

Mar 21

Green Smoke is credited with introducing two piece designs that has completely transformed the face of the electronic cigarette industry. With Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, also known as vapor cigs, smokers can enjoy a huge amount of vapor from a small cartridge. Minimum maintenance and affordable pricing are two of the other major factors that have greatly contributed to the popularity of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in the market. When it comes to two piece e-cigarettes, Green Smoke is a market leader . Unlike other companies that offered three pieces, Green Smoke introduced two-piece cigarettes that gained instant popularity in the market. The brand has not looked back ever since. The two-piece model requires almost zero maintenance and is very convenient-to-use. Green Smoke offers many choices to the customers. Offering seven exclusive flavors to the customers, Green Smoke promises to meet the requirements of all types of customers conveniently. Green Smoke Reviews Popular Flavors Absolute Tobacco flavor Red Label Tobacco flavor Tobacco Gold flavor Menthol Ice Vanilla Dreams   Green Smoke Reviews Nicotine Options As far as the nicotine concentration is concerned, Green Smoke offers five different options to the users. ‘Strong’ has a 2.4% level of nicotine ‘full’ has a 1.8% level of nicotine ‘light’ has 1.2% level of nicotine ‘ultra-light’ has .6% level of nicotine ‘zero’ has 0%  no nicotine Customers can easily choose the required electronic cigarettes as per their own preferences. With a wide choice of options, Green Smoke makes it easier for you to buy your favorite electronic cigarette conveniently. In addition to electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke offers an extensive range of accessories that will greatly enhance your electronic cigarette smoking experience. With modest pricing, Green Smoke makes it easier for the customers to purchase their favorite electronic cigarettes without having to shell out too much money. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can be easily recommended to those who are trying to shift from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Different nicotine levels and high-quality flavor makes Green Smoke one of the best electronic cigarettes brands in the industry. For more information on Green Smoke electronic cigarettes call The eCiggy at 818-639-2449 or visit us...

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Blu Cigs Review

Mar 13

Rated as one of the best e cig providers in the business, Blu Cigs has carved a niche for itself in electronic cigarette industry. With its top-quality products, Blu Cigs offers one of the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. The products offered by the company have gained tremendous popularity amongst those who wish to give up the harmful habit of traditional smoking and switch to a healthier alternative of electronic cigarettes. Offering the best products to their clients, the company has raised the bar in the electronic cigarette industry. With its neatly packed electronic cigarette packs, Blue Cigs make it easier for people to enjoy top-quality electronic cigarettes. In fact, with its proprietary Blu Pack, Blu Cigs has completely revolutionized the electronic cigarettes industry. It looks and feels like the real cigarette pack. The same is true for the design of Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes. Blu Cigs look original and authentic and with its elegant and posh looks, Blu Cigs are a pleasure to hold in your hand. Blu Pack has the ability to hold 5 flavor cartridges. Blu Cigs Battery It has to be said that Blu Cigs battery is one of the best available in the market. With its excellent performance, Blu Cigs battery ensures that you don’t face any hassles. Blu Cigs Flavors The company aims to make the electronic cigarette smoking experience of its customers all the more pleasurable with its extensive range of flavors. Whether you like the traditional cigarette flavors or fruity flavors, the company has something to meet your tastes. Vivid Vanilla Menthol classic tobacco Cherry Crush Java Jolt Pina Colada Electronic cigarettes offered by Blu Cigs are available in different nicotine levels. The customers can easily choose the ones that suit their requirements. Blu Cigs Vapor Production Blu Cigs score high on vapor production as well. The quality and taste of vapor produced is comparable to real cigarettes. Blu Cigs has one of the best “throat hits”. The heavy vapor of the electronic cigarette promises you the best e cigarette smoking experience. With its wide range of high-quality accessories, Blu Cigs ensures all electronic cigarette requirements of customers are met on one platform. The company offers the best accessories with its...

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V2 Cigs E Cigarette Review

Mar 06

   V2 Cigs is one of the leading names in the electronic cigarette industry. With their constant innovation and affordable pricing, the company has managed to outperform most of its competitors. Offering high-quality electronic cigarettes and a wide variety of flavors, V2 Cigs ranks amongst one of the top electronic cigarettes shops in the world. Click For V2 Cigs Products V2 Cigs Quality Electronic cigarettes offered by V2 Cigs stand out for their quality. V2 Cigs make use of a high quality liquid in the atomizer and also have a lesser amount of nicotine. This makes them a healthier alternative to other types of cigarettes. While the company offers an extensive range of flavors, there is certainly more scope for including more flavors. Some of the popular electronic cigarette flavors offered by the company include Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla. You can easily choose the flavor of your choice. By allowing you to design your own customer cartridges and flavors, the company promises to meet the requirements of those who have specific tastes and preferences. You can taste all V2 Cigs flavors and determine the one you wish to purchase.   V2 Cigs Flavors Red Sahara Congress Menthol Peppermint Mint Tea Cherry Chocolate Coffee Vanilla The V2 Red Refill Cartridges are a classic American tobacco blend. With the hearty Virginia tobacco flavor and a hint of sweetness; this bold flavor is a top seller. The V2 Red cartridges are available in 4 strengths: Full (18), Med (12), Light (6), and Zero (0) and come in a patriotic shade of red. If you love Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Basic, Lucky Strike, Doral, and Chesterfield, V2 Red is for you. The V2 Sahara flavor is a rich middle-eastern tobacco blend. When you take a puff of Sahara you will experience the rich tobacco overtones, sure to please everyone. V2 Cigs Sahara cartridges are available in 4 strengths: Full (18), Med (12), Light (6), and Zero (0), wrapped in a pleasing shade of desert tan. Do you long the rich taste of Camel, Kent, American Spirit, Merit, and European cigarette varieties? If so, Sahara is the vapor flavor for you. The V2 Congress Flavor Cartridges have...

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