5 Ways People Try to Quit Smoking

Nov 19

Every other day we find researches in the newspaper explaining how harmful smoking is to our health. Most of the smokers are themselves aware about the ill-effects of smoking but since the habit is addictive people could not give it up easily. However, if you are determined to make an effort this time and get rid of the cigarette stick then here are 5 effective steps that can greatly assist you. 1.      Cigarette Substitutes Cigarette substitutes such as nicotine patches and hypnosis are two common techniques that are tried by the folks but not much result is achieved in any of the cases. Moreover, these replacements are not very rigorously encouraged by the health practitioners as well because these are not the sure shot solutions. 2.      Relieve Yourself from unnecessary stress It is a well known fact that many people resort to smoking when they are facing some kind of stress in life. Tensions and anxiety compel a person to smoke cigarettes as they feel that they can get rid of the stress by smoking. The addictive effects of smoking to some extent contribute to doing this also but leave the person in greater trouble. Therefore, it is important to resort to stress less and stay happy. 3.      Engage in exercising Visit a physician or expert who can guide you with the right kind of exercises that will help in improving the metabolism of your body and getting rid of the habit. Although the exact benefits of exercising with regards to cigarette smoking are still under the scanner, experts believe that changes in brain activity that are triggered by physical exercise help in reducing cigarette craving. 4.      Counseling You can opt for a counseling session with an expert who can mentally prepare you for quitting smoking. Owing to the addictive nature of the habit, it becomes essential to have some mental orientation so that the process becomes less difficult. 5.      E-cigarettes The electronic substitutes of traditional cigarettes, e-cigs have proven to be quite successful as their replacements. Since the e-cigs do not contain any toxin materials & the amount of nicotine present is highly regulated these are extremely safe to consume. The dependence of the smoker on nicotine can...

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