Ben Jonsons E Liquid

Jan 02

Ben Jonsons E Juice or otherwise known as their “Awesome Sauce” is now available at The eCiggy…! Ben Jonsons was launched in August of 2012 in Santa Ana California and they haven’t looked back since. This is a no nonsense company that puts hard work and dedication into their e liquid. If you enjoy rich, bold, e juice then Ben Jonsons is definitely worth a taste. Ben Jonsons E Juice Signature Blends Cre3am (Cream): Snickelfritz: Jamanji: Nebula: Apogee: Morning Dew: Sweet Peach Tea: Click here for More Information or if you would like to Purchase Ben Jonsons E...

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Holy Grail Elixir E Juice

Aug 13

Holy Grail Elixir E Juice now at The eCiggy We’ve been waiting for a little while now and it’s finally here,  the award winning  Holy Grail Elixir.  This amazing e juice line has exploded and is winning awards all across the country for their gourmet style e liquid.  If you’ve been wanting to try a new juice it will behoove you to buy a bottle of Holy Grail Elixir E Juice.  Once you get a taste of the distinct flavors combined with the huge vapor you’ll be sure to include this line on your monthly order. LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THE FLAVORS FROM HOLY GRAIL ELIXIR E JUICE Strawberry Fields: Berry Confused: Blueberry Waffle: Mint Kuku: Cream Supreme: For more information on Holy Grail Elixir E Juice, call us today at...

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Ballistic Vape E Juice

Aug 05

Does The eCiggy carry Ballistic Vape E Juice? The answer is Yes and we ship this amazing E Juice straight to your front door. We sell “Ballistic Vape” because as people are quickly figuring out, this E Juice is off the charts. That’s why we are including this amazing line into our store line up. The eCiggy carries multiple “E Juice” companies for you to shop from. Ballistic Vape E Juice has 6 flavors, 3 fruity and 3 on the desert side. The eCiggy seeks out only the best vapor lines to give you some of the better options out there to choose from. Ballistic Vape E Juice is slowly gaining recognition due to their ability to produce quality flavors that give you the vape hit that your looking for. DO WE AT THE ECIGGY VAPE BALLISTIC E JUICE? YES. WE STAND BEHIND ALL OF OUR LIQUIDS AND USE THEM OURSELVES. If you want to purchase Ballistic Vape, call us at the number below or visit our website at No more vaping on weak E juice that doesn’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. We have years of experience and employees here to help you successfully choose the product your are looking for. Thousands of customers shop at The eCiggy and we are sure you’ll love us too. Even if our Vape Juice lines aren’t for you, we still want to educate people on how E Juice is made and what you should look for in a quality juice line such as Ballistic Vape. If you ready to step up your game, try one of the gourmet E Juice Lines we carry. There are no tricks, no scams and no second rate E juice lines. We don’t want to waste your time. The eCiggy is all about you, finding out what you like and how we can assist you and provide you the best products and service in the industry. Ballistic Vape E Juice will change your thinking and you’ll vape like you’ve never vaped before! If you’ve been thinking about switching to that premier E Juice and would like more information on Ballistic Vape, call us today at 818-639-2449 BALLISTIC VAPE E JUICE FLAVORS Butter Caramel Praline...

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