5 Sure Shot Ways to Quit Smoking

Jan 31

We all have heard phrases like ‘smoking kills’, ‘smoking is injurious to health’ and ‘if you can’t stop smoking, cancer will’ but the truth remains that it is extremely hard to kick off the habit. Since, tobacco and nicotine are addictive in nature smokers find it difficult to quit even if they want to. There are many amongst us who make resolutions again & again for stopping today only to break them soon. If you are tired of convincing yourself that the cigarette in your hand is the last one and your family & friends do not trust you anymore with your promises of giving up the habit then it is time to opt for some unusual ways  that can actually help you in achieving your goal.

  1. 1.     Go public with your announcement to quit

Tell your family and friends that you are going to give up smoking and make this resolution public. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that the word spreads fast and those related to you know that you are going to do it. This will increase the pressure compel you to stick to your word thus making it easy for you to stop.

  1. 2.     Hypnosis and psychological help

The most important factor that can help you in quitting successfully is your mental preparedness. If you are determined enough to give up the habit then nothing can come in your way. Take assistance from a specialist who can mentally prepare you for the challenge. Several people have started opting for hypnosis as a way to kill the craving for cigarettes and it works in most of the cases.

  1. 3.     Post a list of adverse effects of smoking in your house

Make a list of all the bad effects that smoking has on your health like:

Increases the risk of lung, bladder, mouth, and other cancers

  • Reduces fertility
  • Affects mental capacity and memory
  • Increase the risk of heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Results in low-birth-weight, premature babies in women
  • Leads to thin bones

You can then post this list at a visible location in your house so that you are constantly reminded of what the small stick is doing to your body. This will certainly help you to stop soon.

  1. 4.     Opt for natural cures

Some natural products like oats and sweet potatoes are immensely useful for those who wish to quit smoking. These help in overcoming the cigarette addiction naturally and have shown positive effects on many individuals.

  1. 5.     Go for cigarette alternatives

If you have been smoking for years there is no amount of control that can make you immediately quit the habit. However, there are healthier options like electronic cigarettes available that are perfect alternatives for a cigarette. Being similar to normal cigarettes these electronic sticks satisfy all the urges while helping you stay clear of any adverse effects.

So, the time has come when you can finally start with small steps and make the right decision of stopping smoking as early as possible.   For more information on how to quit smoking click here.