4 Things to Consider When Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Mar 19

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way in only 2 years.  More and more people are turning to e cigarettes because they realize not only the benefits, but the health advantages as well.  With so many companies jumping into the world of e cigs choices become a bit more difficult.  Quality is of utmost importance and with everyone claiming to offer the best, how does one choose? If this is the first time you’ll be purchasing an electronic cigarettes and you need a little guidance then here are 4 things to consider when buying electronic cigarettes:


Electronic Cigarette Batteries

The battery of the electronic cigarette you purchase needs to be powerful and it needs to last. An underpowered battery will create a lot of hassles. Most of the e cig batteries last between 250-300 puffs. It is important to keep a spare battery with you in case the present one runs out. This will prevent you from giving in to the temptation of smoking a traditional cigarette. Most of the electronic cigarette starter kits come with more than on battery so you are in luck.  Just make sure to keep that other battery charged and ready to go.  There are many portable carrying cases that will charge your electronic cigarette batteries ensuring you always have a charged one on hand.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Flavors

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors. Choosing the right flavor will greatly enhance your cigarette smoking experience. With so many flavors available on the market, you can easily purchase the one that matches your tastes and preferences. You may consider trying a number of flavors to find which flavor you like the most.  It’s always best to start off with a familiar flavor to get used to smoking the e cig.  Once comfortable, purchase a pack of a variety flavor you think you would be interested in and give it a try.

Electronic Cigarette Vapor

Vapor is key.  It is important to make sure that your electronic cigarette produces good vapor. This will go a long way when it comes to making sure that you get a real cigarette smoking experience. An e cig that produces a good vapor may be lacking in flavor. Another one that comes with a good flavor may not produce.   For this reason, you may have to try out different e cigarettes to find out which one suits your taste.  The biggest discussions in the electronic cigarette forums are surrounding vapor production.  Everyone one is looking for that clean thick vapor that hits the throat just right and there are several brands of e cigs that have mastered just that.

Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Strength

Electronic cigarettes are available in different nicotine strengths. Choosing the one with the right nicotine strength is very important. You can even opt for zero nicotine cartridges offered by some of the manufacturers.  It’s always best to purchase a few different levels at first and get the feel for what best will suit you.  You can always step down or if you need to, go up a level.  But the goal here is to ween off completely and start using the 0mg nicotine cartridges.  Many companies offer a gradual step down which makes the task a simple one.

If you pay attention to these four key factors when your buying your electronic cigarettes then you are sure to have a pleasant and long vaping experience.

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