Ben Jonsons E Liquid

Jan 02

Ben Jonsons E Juice or otherwise known as their “Awesome Sauce” is now available at The eCiggy…! Ben Jonsons was launched in August of 2012 in Santa Ana California and they haven’t looked back since. This is a no nonsense company that puts hard work and dedication into their e liquid. If you enjoy rich, bold, e juice then Ben Jonsons is...

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Firefly Portable Vaporizer Review

Oct 24

Hi Guys this is Zach from The eCiggy and I’m excited to talk to you about one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market right now, the Firefly. A Closer Look at the Firefly Vaporizer It comes in a very nice display case, very classy.  Below the unit you have the instruction manual as well a chart with some key tips.  It comes with an AC 9 volt...

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Tobh Atty RDA Review

Oct 10

This is Zach from The eCiggy and today I’m bringing you the Tobh Atty RDA.   Let’s take a closer a look.  I’m using a smoke magneto to demonstrate. Tobh Atty Breakdown Inside we have three towers which is cool because you can do a one to four coil build if you can handle four.  Another great thing about the RDA is the airflow.  You have three holes...

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Holy Grail Elixir E Juice

Aug 13

Holy Grail Elixir E Juice now at The eCiggy We’ve been waiting for a little while now and it’s finally here,  the award winning  Holy Grail Elixir.  This amazing e juice line has exploded and is winning awards all across the country for their gourmet style e liquid.  If you’ve been wanting to try a new juice it will behoove you to buy a bottle of...

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Ballistic Vape E Juice

Aug 05

Does The eCiggy carry Ballistic Vape E Juice? The answer is Yes and we ship this amazing E Juice straight to your front door. We sell “Ballistic Vape” because as people are quickly figuring out, this E Juice is off the charts. That’s why we are including this amazing line into our store line up. The eCiggy carries multiple “E Juice”...

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How Not to Look Like a Vaping Newbie

Feb 04

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that heat liquid nicotine until it forms a smokeless, odorless vapor. They are a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, delivering nicotine without the harmful carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the carcinogens found in the average amount of vapor delivered in an entire day by an e-cig is 1400 times...

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Should Electronic Cigarettes be Regulated?

Oct 03

As the electric cigarette (e cigarette) continues to grow in popularity, the health concerns associated with e-cigs also continues to grow in direct correspondence. These electronic cigarettes are considered to be healthier than regular cigarettes because they eliminate the smoke and do not contain the many chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes. A new report...

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Big Business Invades as Electronic Cigarette Industry Explodes

Sep 09

For the past 10 years or so, the purveyors of electronic cigarettes have pretty much dominated the electronic cigarette market; however the landscape of that industry is shifting at a rapid pace. Large firms, including the top 3 tobacco manufacturers, have moved into the electronic cigarette arena. With projected sales revenue for electronic cigarettes expected to...

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Which Country Smokes The Most Cigarettes

Aug 06

Today we bring you a pretty amazing infographic that shows you the amount of cigarettes smoked by the average person in certain countries.  Keep in mind that this number is decreasing with the rise of electronic cigarettes. Japan lead the pack with the average smoker smoking 3.023 cigarettes per year.  Stacked that would equal roughly 819 ft., the height of the...

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E-Cigs on the Fast Track

Jul 12

Electronic cigarettes are on a fast track to replace traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes though still not used by people worldwide, have started gaining success in the US and Europe.  However there is a lot of debate going on whether or not e-cigarettes are are a safer option than traditional cigarettes. In the end it’s best to smoke nothing at all...

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Keep Your Electronic Cigarettes Clean

Jul 09

Have you every shared your electronic cigarette with someone? Keep your e-cigs clean and avoid any sort of contamination. Based on the brand of electronic cigarettes you own, there are a number of ways to protect the mouthpiece from being contaminated by another person. Each electronic cigarette normally has its own type of mouthpiece protector. The mouthpiece...

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Electronic Cigarettes The Second Disruptive Technology

Jun 28

The electronic cigarette is a breakthrough technology that will have a positive impact on the business milieu throughout the next century. — Citi Group According to the Citi report, the electronic cigarette is the second disruptive technology that is bound to transform the world. E-cigs are huge in the U.S. and are consistently growing in other international...

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