JUUL Alternative – My Von Erl

Feb 06

JUUL Alternative Are you looking for a JUUL Alternative?  If you are having trouble purchasing your JUUL Pods and your JUUL Vaporizer or your just looking for something different we might have the solution. The MY Von Erl has created a new space in the Vape Market. The MY gives you that smooth vaping performance of an e-cigarette combined with modern design. The 350 mAh battery guarantees a great vaping experience and the Liquidpods come pre-filled and are easy to change. People are considering the My Von Erl as a JUUL alternative. Click Here to Buy Your JUUL...

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Ben Jonsons E Liquid

Jan 02

Ben Jonsons E Juice or otherwise known as their “Awesome Sauce” is now available at The eCiggy…! Ben Jonsons was launched in August of 2012 in Santa Ana California and they haven’t looked back since. This is a no nonsense company that puts hard work and dedication into their e liquid. If you enjoy rich, bold, e juice then Ben Jonsons is definitely worth a taste. Ben Jonsons E Juice Signature Blends Cre3am (Cream): Snickelfritz: Jamanji: Nebula: Apogee: Morning Dew: Sweet Peach Tea: Click here for More Information or if you would like to Purchase Ben Jonsons E...

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Firefly Portable Vaporizer Review

Oct 24

Hi Guys this is Zach from The eCiggy and I’m excited to talk to you about one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market right now, the Firefly. A Closer Look at the Firefly Vaporizer It comes in a very nice display case, very classy.  Below the unit you have the instruction manual as well a chart with some key tips.  It comes with an AC 9 volt charger, batteriy , traveling case and a cleaning kit with two 70% isopropyl cleaning wipes, a brush and a couple pick to clean out any left over material. How to use the Firefly First you want to insert the battery on the backside of the unit and plug the unit in.  A great thing about charging the unit is that it only takes forty five minutes to charge.  After you’re full charged you will want to load the unit.   Pull off the top cover by putting your finger in the groove on the side of the unit.  You’ll notice the magnetic connection as you pull the top piece off.  Once the cover is off you’ll notice the bowl piece.  This unit uses convection heat to fire your material.  The other side has your chanel for airway which flow to the mouth piece.   Replace the lid after you’ve packed the unit.  Turn the standby button on and then when you’re ready hit the fire button.  A cool feature about the Firefly is that while in standby mode the unit will only heat when you press the button on the side of the unit. Pros of the Firefly User friendly and simple to operate The look and the appeal The bowl size The cleaning and maintenance is simple The taste and flavor profile Cons of the Firefly Battery life is too short Weight The “dialing in” aspect Firefly Conclusion The Firefly is a personal favorite of mine and is definelty a competitor on the portable vaporizer market.  I would suggest the vaporizer to anyone, at least give it a try. Once again this is Zach with The eCiggy.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below the video on my YouTube channel and I’ll make sure...

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Tobh Atty RDA Review

Oct 10

This is Zach from The eCiggy and today I’m bringing you the Tobh Atty RDA.   Let’s take a closer a look.  I’m using a smoke magneto to demonstrate. Tobh Atty Breakdown Inside we have three towers which is cool because you can do a one to four coil build if you can handle four.  Another great thing about the RDA is the airflow.  You have three holes on each side of the top and you spin it and you come across a solid bar on the inside and that is what blocks whatever number air holes you would like to block.   The Tobh Atty also has cooling rings or heat sinks on the top which helps to keep the mouth piece and your cape a lot cooler when running at lower ohm builds. I absolutely love the RDA.  It’s great for beginners and it’s great for connoisserus.  It’s a solid RDA. Now for a quick little demonstration.  In my current build with the Atty I’m using a nemesis clone and vaping on Holy Graile Elixir Cream Supreme e Liquid which is one of my favorite juices right now.  It’s a real heavy hitter.  I’m also vaping on a single coil build using 24 Gauage Kanthal wrapped on a 1/8th drill bit 8 times.  It’s pretty good.  I used more wick in this build but that is what I like about this RDA, you can pretty much customize your build to your liking. Once again this is Zach with The eCiggy.  If you have any comments or questions please make sure to leave a comment on my YouTube video and I’ll get right back to you. If you want to show me your clouds make sure to tag your Instagram Shots with #VapeTheEciggy and they will show up on the website at http://vape.theeciggy.com For more questions or if you’d like to purchase the Tobh Atty RDA visit click...

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Holy Grail Elixir E Juice

Aug 13

Holy Grail Elixir E Juice now at The eCiggy We’ve been waiting for a little while now and it’s finally here,  the award winning  Holy Grail Elixir.  This amazing e juice line has exploded and is winning awards all across the country for their gourmet style e liquid.  If you’ve been wanting to try a new juice it will behoove you to buy a bottle of Holy Grail Elixir E Juice.  Once you get a taste of the distinct flavors combined with the huge vapor you’ll be sure to include this line on your monthly order. LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THE FLAVORS FROM HOLY GRAIL ELIXIR E JUICE Strawberry Fields: Berry Confused: Blueberry Waffle: Mint Kuku: Cream Supreme: For more information on Holy Grail Elixir E Juice, call us today at...

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Ballistic Vape E Juice

Aug 05

Does The eCiggy carry Ballistic Vape E Juice? The answer is Yes and we ship this amazing E Juice straight to your front door. We sell “Ballistic Vape” because as people are quickly figuring out, this E Juice is off the charts. That’s why we are including this amazing line into our store line up. The eCiggy carries multiple “E Juice” companies for you to shop from. Ballistic Vape E Juice has 6 flavors, 3 fruity and 3 on the desert side. The eCiggy seeks out only the best vapor lines to give you some of the better options out there to choose from. Ballistic Vape E Juice is slowly gaining recognition due to their ability to produce quality flavors that give you the vape hit that your looking for. DO WE AT THE ECIGGY VAPE BALLISTIC E JUICE? YES. WE STAND BEHIND ALL OF OUR LIQUIDS AND USE THEM OURSELVES. If you want to purchase Ballistic Vape, call us at the number below or visit our website at www.theeciggy.com No more vaping on weak E juice that doesn’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. We have years of experience and employees here to help you successfully choose the product your are looking for. Thousands of customers shop at The eCiggy and we are sure you’ll love us too. Even if our Vape Juice lines aren’t for you, we still want to educate people on how E Juice is made and what you should look for in a quality juice line such as Ballistic Vape. If you ready to step up your game, try one of the gourmet E Juice Lines we carry. There are no tricks, no scams and no second rate E juice lines. We don’t want to waste your time. The eCiggy is all about you, finding out what you like and how we can assist you and provide you the best products and service in the industry. Ballistic Vape E Juice will change your thinking and you’ll vape like you’ve never vaped before! If you’ve been thinking about switching to that premier E Juice and would like more information on Ballistic Vape, call us today at 818-639-2449 BALLISTIC VAPE E JUICE FLAVORS Butter Caramel Praline...

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How Not to Look Like a Vaping Newbie

Feb 04

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that heat liquid nicotine until it forms a smokeless, odorless vapor. They are a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, delivering nicotine without the harmful carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the carcinogens found in the average amount of vapor delivered in an entire day by an e-cig is 1400 times less than what is found in a single tobacco cigarette. If you are interested in e cigs or are just getting started, you might find this simple guide helpful on your journey. Enjoy! Vocabulary  Electronic cigarettes: Also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, or smokeless cigarettes. They often come in a shape that resembles traditional cigarettes, but manufacturers are beginning to offer ecigs in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Vaping: The act of puffing on an ecig. People who vape are called vapers or vapists. Juice, E-Juice, E-Liquid, or Smoke Juice: The liquid that is vaporized while using an e-cigarette. Atomizer, or Atty: The e-cig component that heats the juice to the point of vaporization. Cartridge, or Cart: A plastic tube-like piece that is usually stuffed with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds the juice. Charger: Battery charger used to recharge your depleted e-cigarette battery. Starter Kit: Includes the basic e-cigarette equipment to get someone started with vaping. Most starter kits come with 1 or more atomizers, 1 or more batteries, a charger and 5 cartridges pre-filled with Juice. How To Buy First of all, it’s okay to ask questions. Because vaping is so new and growing so quickly, you are not alone in your innocence, and any good vendor will be happy to explain how ecigs work and help you choose the right one. If you have a lot of questions or like to do a lot of research before making a purchase, you might benefit from one of the e-cig and vaping forums found online. Now that you know the basic e-cig terminology, you are ready to purchase your first e-cigarette. Your best and most cost-effective option is to begin with a starter kit. Starter kits come in all shapes and sizes, and will get you set up with everything you need. For your cartridge, try an assortment of...

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Should Electronic Cigarettes be Regulated?

Oct 03

As the electric cigarette (e cigarette) continues to grow in popularity, the health concerns associated with e-cigs also continues to grow in direct correspondence. These electronic cigarettes are considered to be healthier than regular cigarettes because they eliminate the smoke and do not contain the many chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes. A new report revealed as many as 6 percent of all adults and 21 percent of all adult smokers have experimented with electronic cigarettes. The awareness of the availability of electronic cigarettes increased more than 20 percent over the past two years. The increase in the popularity of these products has caused the health industry to rush into action to determine the health risks that are involved. Health Issues The fact that myriad of dangerous chemicals that are present in regular cigarettes are absent with the electronic cigarettes, does not eliminate the fact that these alternatives to regular cigarettes still contain nicotine, which is extremely addictive. The natural postulation is that electronic cigarettes cannot be nearly as unhealthy as regular cigarettes and that is a pretty safe assumption; however, that doesn’t mean that the product is completely safe, and if the product has health risks it stands to reason that there needs to be some type of regulatory process involved. Regulation The issue is that the need for regulation is generally based on the assessment of risks and without the necessary data to accurately assess risks, it is an uphill battle to form regulations that would control and manage the sale and consumption of this product. You can expect the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to enter into the ruckus very soon. The concern is that the interference by the FDA will be too heavy handed and end up being counterproductive. Many argue that the push for regulation is based more on money than actual health concerns. As the popularity and sale of electronic cigarettes increase, the ability to generate revenue through special taxes, similar to the ones placed on regular cigarettes, also increase. Possible health risk involved with e-cigs should be looked into further and cannot be denied, the problem is the risk of making electronic cigarettes so difficult and expensive to obtain that people will srevert...

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Big Business Invades as Electronic Cigarette Industry Explodes

Sep 09

For the past 10 years or so, the purveyors of electronic cigarettes have pretty much dominated the electronic cigarette market; however the landscape of that industry is shifting at a rapid pace. Large firms, including the top 3 tobacco manufacturers, have moved into the electronic cigarette arena. With projected sales revenue for electronic cigarettes expected to top $1 billion this year, the regular players, such as Vapor, Njoy and Logic are tensely anticipating the fallout associated with the invasion of tobacco giants into this once small niche market. It was inevitable; the growth of the electronic cigarette market is reflective of the shrinkage of the regular cigarette industry, causing the large tobacco companies to use their power and resources to regain revenue lost by those who have quit smoking in lieu of using electronic cigarettes. In August, Altria Group Inc., the largest cigarette manufacturer in America, begin selling their brand of electronic cigarettes. The second largest cigarette manufacturer, Reynolds American Inc., will begin selling their Vuse brand electronic cigarette in the state of Colorado next month. Lorillard Inc. the nation’s oldest cigarette manufacturer purchased Blu eCigs last year for $135 million. Since then, they have their placement up to 80, 000 stores. Eli Alelov, the CEO of Logic Technology, says that the invasion of the larger corporations into the market is welcomed as long as they continue to play fair. There are concerns that the larger corporations will leverage their supply of cigarettes to major chains as way to insure their brands are carried in those stores. This major play on the electronic cigarette market by the big 3 tobacco companies comes amidst a huge debate as to whether electronic cigarettes are any safer that smoking tobacco. The primary way that electronic cigarettes work is to use battery powered heating to create a vapor from liquid nicotine which replaces the smoke from traditional cigarettes. At current, the FDA has not imposed any specific regulation on electronic cigarettes. The general school of thought is that despite the possible risks involved, electronic cigarettes are less harmful that traditional cigarettes, therefore a policy of less harm should rule out regulation. At current, electronic cigarettes only account for 1 percent of US cigarette...

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Which Country Smokes The Most Cigarettes

Aug 06

Today we bring you a pretty amazing infographic that shows you the amount of cigarettes smoked by the average person in certain countries.  Keep in mind that this number is decreasing with the rise of electronic cigarettes. Japan lead the pack with the average smoker smoking 3.023 cigarettes per year.  Stacked that would equal roughly 819 ft., the height of the MetLife building in New York. Coming in second is the United States with the average smoker smoking about 2,225 cigarettes per year.  If you stacked all those cigarettes that would be equivalent to the height of the Space Needle in Seattle at 605ft.   According to the inographic brought to us by HealthLine, every single day the worlds population smokes about 15 billion cigarettes which is 3.2 trips to the moon…!...

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E-Cigs on the Fast Track

Jul 12

Electronic cigarettes are on a fast track to replace traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes though still not used by people worldwide, have started gaining success in the US and Europe.  However there is a lot of debate going on whether or not e-cigarettes are are a safer option than traditional cigarettes. In the end it’s best to smoke nothing at all so all electronic cigarette companies need to act responsibly and only target people who are already into traditional smoking and not try and attract new consumers.  One thing to be kept in mind is that this is not a new product but a product which has been made to replace an age old life threatening product. Moreover government has banned the selling of the products to children and a certain age limit is set to avoid the early use of e-cigarettes by children. Self-regulation is important to avoid misuse of the products and their sale. Hence when it comes to social responsibility electronic cigarette companies need to be very alert and ethical. People have always been aware of the negative effects and life taking impact of cigarettes and have always been looking for solutions to quit. It is being estimated that last year, around 700,000 people in Britain alone turned to electronic cigarettes and the selling figures of e-cigarettes is expected to rise in...

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Keep Your Electronic Cigarettes Clean

Jul 09

Have you every shared your electronic cigarette with someone? Keep your e-cigs clean and avoid any sort of contamination. Based on the brand of electronic cigarettes you own, there are a number of ways to protect the mouthpiece from being contaminated by another person. Each electronic cigarette normally has its own type of mouthpiece protector. The mouthpiece protectors are either available as disposable pieces or as sturdy washable piece. In case you plan to buy the latter, it is important that you keep the covers clean for the other user. As electronic cigarettes count on the generation of vapor, in essence cooler steam or e-liquid, the inside of the electronic cigarette is open for the growth of microorganisms if not properly maintained. Even the atomizer can also get contaminated. If you wish to avoid such instances from occurring, it is advisable that you follow a frequent maintenance schedule for the e-cigarette. It is integral to develop a habitual practice of cleaning your e-cigarette no matter how often you use it. Make it a point to tear your e-cigarette apart and clean all parts thoroughly. Another way of maintaining the cleanliness of your e-cig is by using rubbing alcohol. It assists in sterilizing the multiple pieces of the device, mainly if others have been smoking your cigarette. Don’t soak all the pieces in rubbing alcohol. Instead, wipe the contact area where the battery is placed and where you attach it for a charge using a cotton swab. You can use the swab and alcohol to clean the atomizer as well as all the threads. Make sure to clean the cartridges prior to using them. Once you have cleansed the e-cigarette, make it a point to let it dry completely and then reassemble it before use. Make sure to check with the manufacturer before using any sort of cleaning product on your e-cig…! For more information on keeping your electronic cigarettes clean call or visit The eCiggy at...

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